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How to fix a wet Samsung Galaxy S6

Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Boot Up, Battery, And Power Problems [Part 3]

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Welcome to the third installment of this troubleshooting series. This post is a continuation of problems and solutions for S6 Edge phones. We hope that these solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge boot up, battery, and power problems can help you in your quest for answers to your own problems. Should you wish to contact us, or if you have other issues, please use the link provided below.


Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can use Galaxy S4 charger

Woman at Verizon said I shouldn’t use the wall chargers I’ve been using on my S4 with my new S6. Is this true? I can’t seem to find a clear answer. I don’t want to fry the phone, but have old S4 chargers everywhere I need to charge up. — Brian

Solution: Hi Brian. If you are referring to the official Samsung Galaxy S4 charger, we cannot see any reason why it won’t work or cause problems with your S6. the    S4 charger is similar to the S6 charger so it’s completely safe to use.

Problem #2: LED on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge lights up but phone won’t boot up

I just bought S6 Edge G925F 5 days ago. The phone was working fine. I plugged the phone into the charger at 12%. Checked the phone back 30 minutes later, LED is on but phone is not. Tried everything (as reset, restart,, etc.) but nothing works. PLEASE HELP ASAP. — Mohammed

Solution: Hi Mohammed. Have you tried booting the phone in recovery mode? If you haven’t, please do the following:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.
  • When the device powers on and displays ‘Power on logo’, release all keys and the Android icon will appear on the screen.
  • Wait until the Android Recovery Screen appears after about 30 seconds.

Should the phone boot up only in recovery mode but not in normal mode, try to factory reset it. However, if the phone won’t still power on in recovery mode, you can assume that the battery may have failed. Consider having the phone checked by Samsung for a repair or replacement.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a red LED light and won’t come on

My phone has worked fine all day, battery was down to 19% so I plugged it in to charge. I checked it awhile later, battery was at 30%, still seemed fine. Checked it later on, and my screen is black, and I have a red light in the upper left corner, and the phone will not come on at all. I’ve already tried holding down the power button to restart it and that didn’t work. Also tried holding down the volume up, home, and power button at once, but that didn’t work either. I don’t know what the red light means. Can you help me get my phone working? — Monica

Solution: Hi Monica. Frankly, we can only do so much when it comes to resolving power or boot up issues. The troubleshooting steps we provide here are only effective if the main reason for the failure is firmware by nature.

Try to follow the suggestions in our post How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide] and see what works for you. If you’ve followed all our suggestions here without resolving the issue, it’s either a battery failure or other hardware component problem.

We don’t provide do-it-yourself (DIY) guides for fixing hardware issues in our blog so if you want to look for other solutions, please use Google.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge fails to power on

Hi. I am Amit. I bought an S6 Edge just 2 months ago. Everything was working good since then, but yesterday when i was watching a movie on my cell phone , the screen suddenly turned blank. It already charged my battery at 100%. Since then i am not able to power it on, the screen blank and the phone unresponsive.

Please let me know what can i do?? — Amit

Solution: Hi Amit. A blank screen on your Galaxy S6 Edge may be an indication that the phone is simply having a hard time booting up properly. Your issue may be similar to Monica’s above so try to follow the suggestions in the previous post we published and see how it goes.

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge shows problems after it was soaked in a pool

Is there a way to repair a water damaged Samsung Galaxy S6?  My son forgot he had his phone in his swim trunk in jumped into the pool.  Alter about three minutes he realized this and quickly got out of the pool and shook the water out and dried phone off.  He left the phone out for two days to dry out hoping this would help. Sometime the phone comes on when it at 100% charged; however, it must remain connected to charger to use.  When it’s unplugged from charger it will not come on after the status shows it’s fully charged. He plugs the charge back in and show charging again and does not power on.  Any suggestions how to resolve this issue? Thanks. — T&S

Solution: Hi T&S. Unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy S5, your phone is not water-resistant so there’s a big chance that it may have incurred some damage when it was soaked in the pool for 3 minutes. An non-water-resistant electronic device like a smartphone usually fails completely if liquid seeps inside critical components like the motherboard and the battery panel. The best thing one should do in this case is to quickly remove the battery to prevent shorting out components. Unfortunately, we know that this is not possible in your case because the battery is non-removable.

We suggest that you cease using the phone right away and have it checked or replaced to prevent further damage. Leaving a wet battery inside your phone can lead to more problems at this time as there’s a chance that water may flow to other components. Obviously, water and battery don’t mix and it’s only a matter of time before corrosion inside some metal contacts in the phone settles in.

If you want to open the phone yourself and fix the phone, try to check this guide: [GUIDE] Oh, no! My Phone got Wet! Remember, opening the phone voids the warranty so if something happens during repair or if the phone simply fails to boot up completely afterwards, you won’t be able to get repair or replacement from Samsung, retailer, or your carrier.

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge charging issues, will charge from 6% then back to 1%

Yesterday my phone turned off out of the blue. I tried turning it on but it wouldn’t turn on, I connected it to the charger thinking it might have been the battery that had died, turns out to be it had 95% battery. When I look up on Google to check how I would fix my phone I came across your page and it gave me the instructions to press and hold the volume up, home and power button and to reset my data which I did, it reset it and while I was trying to reset everything on my phone it kept on hitting up. After finally getting my phone to do its reset I started having problems with charging my phone. I left my phone turned off throughout the whole night and in the morning when I looked at my phone it only had 6% charge. Thought out the whole day I’ve been charging it and it sometimes would go from 6% to 0% then back to 6% again. Now, my phone won’t even go to 1% or turn on all. Please tell me what I can do at this point. — Karla

Solution: Hi Karla. We think the phone’s battery is the real problem here. If the phone is still covered by a warranty, we suggest you use it to secure a replacement or to have it repaired.

Problem #7: How to fix a wet Samsung Galaxy S6

Ok so I hope you can help me. my phone got left in a short rain shower the other day. Once I realized this I grabbed it and put it in a bag of rice, the phone wasn’t really wet when I picked it up, no visible damage, so after sitting in rice for awhile I then noticed the condensation on the front and back camera lense. I put it back in rice for a whole day and half. The condensation is gone but the problem I have is with the charging. It shows the battery symbol on the screen then show 0% with the green light blinking at the bottom. No matter how long I keep it on wireless charger or plugged in it still says 0%, but now it actually powers all the way on and goes through the whole power up and I can see my screen, no damage noted, but it immediately powers down. Is my phone doomed for, any suggestions I can try before giving up and paying deductible? I hate it because I’ve only had this phone 1 month to the day…..thanks. — Brad

Solution: Hi Brad. You have three options here: open the phone yourself and replace the battery, get it repaired by professional, or have it replaced. As you may have read above, you can follow the guide we gave for T&S (above) on how to manually open and fixed a wet phone. We recommend that you call your carrier or Samsung for replacement though.

Damage by liquid or water normally voids an electronic device’s warranty so try to find a way to avoid mentioning that if you will pursue a replacement.

Problem #8: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t power on or go to recovery mode

Hello. Not sure what to say about this S6. I am absolutely not impressed at all. I went from the S4 to the S6. The S4 was the best phone i have ever had. With that being said, i was using my phone, set it on my desk, walked away for approximately 30 minutes, later picked it up and nothing.  It had about 30% battery and showed no sign of a problem. Now a little red light at the top of the phone keeps going off. It will not show its plugged into charger or anything. literately it will not do anything or show anything. Pushed power buttons an all others in all odd combinations and nothing. My business phone is forward to this phone, do you have any ideas? Thanks. — Mike

Solution: Hi Mike. A red flashing LED light on an S6 indicates that the battery power level is low and it needs to be charged. If nothing happens even when you charge it for at least 30 minutes, you may have a hardware failure. Try to get a phone replacement.

Problem #9: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unable to load normal mode

Hi. I had an issue similar to a few previous ones you’ve answered that happened to me a few minutes ago.

I went to check the time and my phone screen wouldn’t power on, even though the blue light was flashing and I know that I charged it to 100% before setting it down for the night. I had previously turned on night clock for the first time and thought that maybe the battery had drained through the night so I hooked it up on the charger and waited 10 minutes before trying to power it on again. Then I held the power button for over 10 seconds and still nothing. So I held the power, volume and home buttons down simultaneously and the screen finally powered on to show a large green battery reading 81%

I held the power button one more time and the phone restarted and seems to be working like normal now.

However I still don’t know why it wouldn’t power on in the first instance?

Thanks for all your help! — Kimberly

Solution: Hi Kimberly. Sometimes, an Android smartphone’s software called bootloader responsible for booting up a device fails to initialize. A bootloader is the first program that runs in a device when you press the power button and is outside of the main Android operating system. This program is designed to detect certain buttons in order to open “recovery” mode so a user can perform debugging, flashing, updating tasks. If a bootloader fails to start, Android operating system won’t start either and may put the phone in “boot loop”– a situation where a device  keeps on rebooting to recovery mode instead of normal mode.

To pinpoint the exact reason why your hone failed to start initially is hard but it may had also been a simple bootloader glitch.

Let us know if you have any similar problem in the future.


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