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Airbnb Android App Now In The Market

The somewhat controversial website Airbnb that lets you rent out rooms, apartments, and houses in a hotel fashion has now added an official Android app to the market.

While the majority of Airbnb’s bookings go just fine, the company came under fire back in July when one of Airbnb’s property renters came home to find his house ransacked and meth pipes everywhere according to this story written by Mike Arrington during the better TechCrunch days.

Six months later the horror stories have died down and Airbnb has remained focused and expanded to some 19,000 cities in 192 countries worldwide.

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App Spotlight: TripAdvisor

Layovers are the worst. Going from connecting flight to connecting flight, rushing from gate to gate not knowing where something is– just knowing the plane’s about to lift off the tarmac and it’s not going to wait. Then the flight gets canceled. What to do? Is there a hotel nearby? The luggage is already at the primary destination and the information desk is already closed for the night. Good thing you brought your phone. TripAdvisor is an all-in-one app that allows the weary traveler to stop worrying for a few moments, find a hotel, and grab some much needed rest.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The app itself is very simple to use. All the user needs to know is where they are and the app will do the rest. It has exhaustive lists of restaurants, hotels, flight plans, and things to do while staying in your unexpected destination. A nice feature of this app is the “Near Me Now” option. It will lock on to the phones GPS location and tell the user about the things to do and the places to stay or eat in their near vicinity. It can even access a forum and look at suggestions by others when choosing a place to go.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

All in all this is a great app. It allows the discomforting act of finding a place to stay in a new city just a little bit easier. It removes the need to worry. It even has the option of going through some of the discount services like Expedia or Priceline when looking for a place to stay or a flight to take. After all, just because someone is forced to stay in a town they weren’t planning on staying in doesn’t mean they should pay more to do it.