Three Third-Party Facebook Alternatives

I think we can all agree on how terrible the Facebook app is, simply because it isn’t native and is based off of HTML5. That said, you may want to look into some alternatives to hopefully find improved speeds and stability. Third party apps like Hootsuite usually tend to be a lot better than the

Popular HootSuite Platform Has Acquired Seesmic

After a fairly popular and long run on the Android platform, Seesmic has been fully acquired by HootSuite (another Twitter platform). Don’t worry though Seesmic users, HootSuite has promised Seesmic users that they’ll continue supporting the Seesmic application, but business users of the application will be getting moved over to HootSuite’s offering. Both CEO’s sound

Tools We Use: Seesmic For Android! VIDEO

If you’ve been reading Thedroidugy for a while than you know that for the longest time we used Hootsuite for Android as our mobile twitter application. We use Hootsuite on the desktop, but now just about exclusively for scheduling.  Other than scheduling tweets we use Seesmic’s crisp clean desktop app and Seesmic for Android.  This

Tools Of The Trade: HootSuite Online

As we approach our 2 year anniversary as Thedroidguy (we started out tweeting about Android on a more personal twitter account), we wanted to start answering some of the questions we get asked about what we use everyday to make thedroidguy tick. We are FAR from an engadget or techcrunch but Thedroidguy is still a

Update: Hootsuite being Updated back at 6PM PT

Yesterday Twitter lost some of their major celebrity tweeters counting for about 9 million twitter followers when they pulled the plug on UberMedia’s Twidroyd and UberTwitter apps for Android and Blackberry respectively. Yes those celebrity tweeters can easily use an official Twitter app and some have already started tweeting again but it was a landmark

Twitter for Android 2.0

Slowly but surely, Twitter is improving their Android app. I reviewed Twitter’s Android app when it was first released. A few months ago, they updated the app giving it a fresh UI including pull to refresh and the swipe-to-reply feature. These were all awesome features but the Twitter for Android app was far from perfect.

New Twitter Guidelines could be a Name Changer for Tweetdeck

Our favorite micro-blogging site Twitter, has recently posted some new guidelines for app developers.  The post on found here, still says you can feel free to use the terms “TW” or “Twit” however if you scroll down to the bottom of the “Dont’s” you will see” Don’t:  “Use Tweet in the name of your

App Battle: Twitter Apps

By Andrew C. Special Contributor TDG Online Welcome to the Android app battleground, readers! As a recent Blackberry to Android convert, I am finding there are a ton of great apps out there, and choosing among them all is difficult, and time consuming. This is where I will be putting some of the best Android apps to