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Solutions for the HTC One Problem in Home and Back Buttons

HTC One problem

If you are experiencing an HTC One problem wherein the Home and Back buttons are unresponsive, this article will help you explore the likely causes of the issue as well as the possible solutions that you can apply.

The Possible Causes of the the HTC One Problem in Home and Back Keys

The most probable cause of this particular HTC One problem is that there might be an obstruction in the capacitive touch buttons. Another factor triggering the issue might be a lag caused by errors in the system or apps of the Android device.

The Possible Fixes for the Unresponsiveness of the HTC One Home and Back Buttons

Here are the possible solutions that you can apply to your HTC One problem:

A. Remove or Change the Protective Film

If the transparent film protecting the screen of your device is too thick or its material is not compatible with your phone, it will hinder it from responding properly to your touch commands. So, remove it and observe if the issue still occurs.

B. Restart the Phone

If the problem persists even after removing the protective covering of your device, try to restart it. This will enable the phone to enter into a soft reset state that will refresh its system. Minor glitches are usually fixed using this method. To do this, just perform the following steps:

1. Press and hold the Power button located at the side of the device.

2. Select Restart from the given choices.

3. Confirm the action by choosing Restart again.

You can also do this by holding on to the Power button for approximately ten seconds. This will automatically restart the device.

C. Disable Unused Apps

A lag in the system can be due to so many apps running in the background which are taking up too much of your phone’s processing power. Another element that can result to this HTC One problem are rouge apps. Try disabling the apps that you are no longer using to make your device run faster and to improve its responsiveness. You can enter Safe Mode as well to determine whether recently installed apps are causing the lags or the unresponsiveness of your HTC One keys.

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Facebook Home Losing Popularity Very Quickly

Facebook Home Announcement

Facebook invested a lot of time and effort into their version of a mobile operating system, well a the GUI for your smartphone. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook Home is the next version of Facebook, but the figures are in and it hasn’t made a massive impression on the market. The analytics data shows that Facebook Home has been steadily dropping, this comes as a shock since Facebook has an active user base of one billion.

Home Losing the Lime Light 

Home has had one million downloads since it’s release, the numbers of Home users should increase as a direct coincidence of AT&T lowering the price of the HTC First to $0.99 with a two year contract. The low Home figures could be due to the fact that only a limited amount of devices support the software: HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 along with the already mentioned HTC first.

Since the initial rise and then subsequent fall of the app it has not returned to the top 100 downloaded apps in any of the countries it has been released in yet, it seems that the buzz and the shine of the new software has worn off. This data just goes to show that even though we do like Facebook it doesn’t necessarily mean that we want it to be with us every time we unlock our phones.

Facebook has noticed that the software isn’t doing as well as they had hoped it would, when the company was discussing the amount of downloads Home had gotten they forgot to mention that this was not active downloads. Yes they tried to hide the fact that even though people were interested in the service at first their interests have faded and they have since reverted back to the stock software.

Facebook Home Data
Home’s place in the international app charts

Increased Facebook Usage and Home Redesign 

Facebook has been described as the stickiest website on the internet, its a shame that they can’t seem to emulate that with their attempt at mobile software. Facebook may be finding it hard to draw users in but the users that they have attracted do spend more time using Facebook, commenting, liking and use messages and chat more often as a direct link between downloading the software and the increase usage of Facebook. That can only be accounted for because there is no way to escape it once you have the Home software running.

It is time for Facebook to act, and act quickly they must before they see any more market share slip through their fingers. Apparently the next version of Home is expected to have an icon dock to store your most used application and chat will be made more accessible. The goal is to make it easier for new users to pick up and so that veteran users feel at home with Home.

Source – TechCrunch 

Facebook Voice Calling Feature Expands Outside Canada

Facebook has updated its Android Messenger and Home app to allow calls to be made between friends. This feature which was previously available in 23 other countries is now making its way in the United States in a gradual roll out. There’s no manual update that needs to be done and you will know that you can access this feature by the “i” icon that you can see on your friend’s profile.


This VoIP feature of Facebook was first tested in Canada and the US last January for iOS users. Since then it has spread to other countries as well as to the Android platform.

The release of the voice call feature in the US allows anyone to make calls to their friends on Facebook whether they are on an iOS or Android device. To make a call simply tap on the “i” icon of your friend’s profile while on the Messenger app then select “free call”. You can also place a call on the Home app by clicking on the three dots on the upper right side of your friend’s name. This opens up the conversation in the Messenger app where you can make a call following the previous step.

Placing a call using the app does not consume your minutes. It does however use up data so if you’re on a limited data plan then it would be better if you could connect to a Wi-Fi network before calling your friends.

This feature is important for Facebook if it wants to keep its subscribers happy. The social network will soon face competition from Google with its expected unified messaging system soon to be implemented. This combines GChat, Google+ Messenger, Google Voice, and probably Gmail in one platform which can be accessed by various devices. Apple also has its own messaging system via iMessage which users can also access on different devices.

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