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Glancee The People Discovery App Everyone is Talking About

In 2009 Foursquare debuted at South By South West (SXSW) in Austin Texas. Foursquare quickly became the king of their category which was location based check-ins. Since then Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other gigantic names have been competing in the category that once ruled by Foursquare.

Since 2009 apps have been battling it out every year to see what app would be the next Foursquare, the next “King of the Apps” at SXSW. Not only that but we’re also watching to see what category the king of the apps comes from.

This year the big app category is going to be “People Discovery”. When Google+ debuted in late June of 2011 they actually had a people discovery tool baked into the app with “nearby”. In the nearby tab you can see who is posting to Google+ from where, which is great to meet new people in your area or wherever you happen to be.

There are two apps that are vying for King of the App in the People Discovery category. The first is Highlights. Highlights is currently iPhone only so right there they are missing out on a huge opportunity with Android users.

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