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Lenovo Launches Initiative To Teach Android App Building In High School

NC Governor Bev Perdue pictured with Tom Looney VP/GM of Lenovo at announcement of Lenovo's Android App building curriculum at Apex High photo courtesy of Lenovo

20 somethings and 30 somethings in this day in age are already looking towards the days when kids won’t remember not having internet. Can you imagine a day when Android Application Engineer is a full blown career field? Well that day is getting closer and Lenovo in partnership with the National Academy Foundation are spearheading that effort.

According to the IDC Lenovo is the largest provider of laptops and desktops to education in the world. They’ve shipped over 3.6 million units to educational institutions. In case you were wondering Apple is ranked 4th in providing computers for education.  With that kind of commitment to education its no wonder that Lenovo is spearheading a program like this.

Five schools that are part of NAF’s network of career academies are piloting a new curriculum based on developing Android app development. The program is geared towards student’s in NAF’s STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

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Verizon Wireless Implements Steve Jobs Educational Vision, Except With Android

By now there are probably hundreds of thousands of us who, regardless of our love for Android, just finished Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. If you just finished it than you are well aware that Jobs sees a vision for education, even at the high school age level, where traditional text books are replaced with tablets.

With tablets vs textbooks, students would get access to more current, relevant information quicker. Students would also get feedback quicker, especially those attending college classes online. Grades would be easier to track. Areas where students needed help would be easier to spot.  Although Jobs probably saw this vision at a high school level with iPads, a high school in New Jersey is doing it with Android.

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