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HP announces 21.5-inch Slate 21 Android Jelly Bean AIO

HP has just unveiled the Slate 21, its newest solution to the saturated tablet market. The Slate 21 is an Android-based tablet measuring 21.5 inches diagonally. HP is selling it as an all-in-one desktop PC to aid productivity and provide entertainment with the help of Android apps and cloud-based features.


Many of the Slate 21’s technical specifications are still unknown at this point, but HP’s press release reveals some noteworthy details.

The Slate 21 features a Full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels) diagonal reclining IPS touchscreen that allows for optimal shared viewing and interaction with its wide viewing angles. Such massive display also supports pinch and zoom functions as well as ten-finger multi-touch gestures like its smaller counterparts.

On the rear side of this display, HP includes a fold-out kickstand that lets one prop up the device on a table for easy and comfortable viewing. Likewise, the device can be mounted on a wall through a standard VESA mount.

For a full desktop experience, one may use a mouse and a wired keyboard with the all-in-one PC.

Inside, it runs on a Tegra 4 quad-core NVIDIA processor and comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 as its operating system. Only 8 GB of memory is provided, but support is available for an SD card, or even an external HDD or SSD for added storage capacity.

The slate likewise features dual-band technology that allows for simultaneous music and video streaming, as well as web browsing.

To facilitate sharing among a group of users, the Slate 21 lets its users create up to five profiles which can be customized to show the apps and files that each user needs.

DTS Sound technology promises to provide an immersive sound quality for its users. Also onboard is an HP TrueVision HD Webcam that lets users engage in video calls. Wireless Direct, meanwhile, allows for content sharing sans a network connection.

The HP Slate21 All-in-One will hit the US market this September for the price of $399.

It would be remembered that HP released All-in-One devices running on Windows in the past. The company, however, decided to go with Android for the Slate 21 since the OS is more congruent with their interest in a connected experience across devices.

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