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Strategy & Tactics: WW II Android Game Review

Looking for a World War II themed strategy game? You might want to check out HeroCraft’s Strategy & Tactics: WW II which just recently made an appearance for the Android platform. Just as the title suggests, you will be using strategy in order to win the game. Think of this more like RISK and other similar strategy games.

strategy & tactics world war ii

Strategy & Tactics: WW II can now be downloaded over at Google Play for $4.99. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.3 as well as a storage space of 43 MB.

Your main objective in this game is to take over certain regions. Initially you will be provided with soldiers however later on in the game you will have access to vehicles and planes. To be able to take over a certain region all you have to do is move your forces beside that region. Taking control of a region depends on various factors. One best way is if you have a much more superior force. So if your enemy has 5 soldiers in a particular region and you send in 10 soldiers you will have a big chance of taking that region.

A tutorial at the beginning of the game will help you in getting acquainted with the mechanics. There are 18 missions to finish. During the early stages you get to control the Axis as you try to conquer the whole of Europe. Later on you will control the Allied armies as you try to retake the occupied territories.

Some of the game features include

  • 3 full campaigns with 18 historical missions
  • Play multiplayer across different smartphones and tablets
  • Realistic global strategy with historically-accurate maps
  • A wide array of game modes
  • Juggle military, economic and scientific development
  • Several hardcore scenarios and a endlessly replayable skirmish mode

The AI is quite challenging to defeat however if you find it easy you can challenge other players over Wi-Fi.

If you are into strategy games then check out Strategy & Tactics: WW II right now.

Protoxide: Death Race Android Game Review

Back in 2011 Herocraft announced a new kind of racing game that will be making its way to the Android platform. That game has finally arrived at Google Play after a very long delay.  Protoxide: Death Race is a futuristic racing game where you get to control hover crafts. To make things interesting there’s also a combat element involved where you can take down your opponents.

protoxide death race

Protoxide: Death Race is now available at Google Play for just $0.99. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.2 and at least 4.7 MB of storage space.

The game takes place in the future where the planet is facing several calamities. There’s the abnormal weather disturbance, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactor meltdowns and a whole lot more. What was once beautiful cities are now abandoned and controlled by gangs. There is no law in place and the only way to settle problems is through racing.

The single player campaign mode of this title is story driven. In here you play the part of a young racer who aspires to become the best and to get revenge. This mode has lots of dialogue filled screens which build up the storyline.

Your main objective in the game is to cross the finish line first. The game provides you with a decent choice of weapons which you can use against opposing racers. There are also bonuses along the race track which provides you with all sorts of power ups from shields, nitro and weapons.

The control of the game is simple enough. Acceleration is automatic. Tilting your device moves your hovercraft from left to right while the brake button on the screen stops it. When you have a nitro in store you can use it by simply touching a button on your screen.

Some of the features of the game include

  • 4 single player modes
  • Alljoyn P2P multiplayer
  • 12 battle war-gliders each one with unique characteristics
  • campaign with an exciting story
  • 16 outstanding tracks
  • 4 unique types of in game locations
  • high-quality 3D graphics

If you are looking for a racing game with a little bit of combat and destruction on the side then you should definitely check this title out.

HeroCraft Valentine’s Day Sale Still Ongoing At Google Play

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, HeroCraft is running a promo that places 3 of its great games on sale. Two titles are getting 50% of its regular price while one is getting a huge 70% reduction.  Romance of Rome now costs $0.99 down from $1.99. The Enchanted Kingdom is priced at $0.99 down from $1.99. The largest price drop comes from The Tiny Bang Story which now costs $0.99 down from $2.99.


We’re not sure how long the sale is going to last so if you’re planning to get these titles you might as well do so now.

Romance of Rome

Romance of Rome is a hidden object game set at the backdrop of the great Roman Empire. Your task is to find the hidden objects in the game. To be able to access higher levels you also have to look the part by accessorizing your character. There are 30 levels to complete spread out across 7 episodes.

You will need a device running on at least Android 1.6 and 3.7 MB of storage space. An additional 100 MB of additional data will also be needed to download.

The Enchanted Kingdom

The Enchanted Kingdom is a game that kids will definitely love. It combines elements of match 3 as well as hidden object games. There are 50 levels for you to enjoy and the great part of this is that there is absolutely no violence involved here. The graphics are of great quality and the storyline is very entertaining.

You will need a device running on at least Android 2.1 and 18 MB of storage space.

The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story is one of the best games available at Google Play. Several publications have mentioned it as being one of the must have games to own. Your task is to rebuild the world that has been recently devastated by an asteroid strike. There are 5 chapters you have to explore each of which has excellent graphics. Despite the absence of text in the game you can still intuitively find what needs to be done.

You will need a device running on at least Android 2.1 and 22 MB of storage space.

via Google Play

Ant Raid Now Live At Google Play

Popular mobile game developer Herocraft has just released Ant Raid for the Android platform which you can now download over at Google Play for $0.99.  This title became one of the biggest strategy games when it was released over at the iOS platform. Now, Android users can experience this amazing title in their devices.

ant raid

Ant Raid puts you in control of an ant colony. You will be tasked to advance the colony while dealing with the various predators that threaten your existence. The game is a combination of both tower defense and arcade twitch. One thing that makes this at par with all of the other excellent mobile titles is that it has a story involved which you will get to see at the beginning. The characters are adorable while the graphics are just so wonderfully created.

There are various objectives that you have to accomplish for each game level depending on the scenario. This in my opinion is one way to make it more fun and entertaining, we don’t want any repetitive boring tasks right?

Defeating an enemy entails you to grab some ants and sending them to your enemy. The bigger your enemy the more ants you have to send their way. Some of the enemies include snails which knock down your ants as soon as they’re done and worms which are good at shaking your troops.

You will also have to understand the color of your enemies. Enemies that are blue in color usually have very high defensive skills which will take them longer to kill. Red enemies are very aggressive and can move quickly. The good thing about this is that if you defeat your enemies your ants get to absorb their abilities.

The story mode takes up to 60 levels to finish. Once you have finished those levels you can unlock 40 challenge levels that has 4 levels of difficulty.

Once you have finished the standard game mode there’s the endless mode where you can challenge up to four friends.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting strategy game to play on your Android device then don’t miss out on this title.

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HeroCraft Releases New Android Game Dragon’s Lore

Russian mobile game developer and publisher, HeroCraft Ltd, released on Thursday, August 2nd, a new action puzzle game for Android dubbed as Dragon’s Lore. This is the company’s latest foray into the Android game market where it is currently on a good position being one of the Top Developers at Google Play Store.

Dragon’s Lore is actually following a story of a Japanese dragon named Kirin. Unlike other dragon figures everybody might have known, this one’s a wise, graceful and mild mannered mythical creature. Basically, it follows Japan’s legend depicting dragons as symbols of good luck, abundance and good will. So the game has a really good story to start with.

HeroCraft did a great job in putting the story on a puzzle game where the main goal is removal of figures from the board. The gamer needs to match at least three cubes of the same color to gain game money and points and little by little take away the cubes pre-set on the game field. As always, the first few levels are easier to accomplish but the later ones are more difficult making the game more challenging.

Dragon’s Lore offer four key features and they are as follows:

Four Single Player Modes. To make things more interesting for gamers, HeroCraft put four single player modes namely: Classic, Arcade, Puzzle and Infinity. Each of these modes offers totally different gameplay and they are integrated into the game to provide gamers more option and entertainment when playing alone.

Story Mode. This is basically a single player mode but it is mentioned separately from the four because it faithfully follows the story of the game. Playing in this mode will provide you with information you need about the entire plot of Dragon’s Lore.

HotSeat Mode. This comes packed with the game natively to allow gamers to play with their friends. Playing alone may be boring for many but playing with other players may just provide you the entertainment everybody needs.

200 Levels. More often, block-busting games come short but Dragon’s Lore is longer than everyone could have expected. There are around 200 levels available for you to play and it might take days, weeks or even months to finish this game down to the last level.

The game is also wrapped up with some 3D visuals making it just ahead of others in its category. This and the features mentioned above are packed in a single game and offered at Google Play Store for just $0.99.

In-Depth Review: Bombergeddon Premium by Herocraft

Herocraft Ltd, one of the Top Developers in Google Play Store, released Bombergeddon for Android on July 30th where it was accepted warmly by both gamers and Android device owners. There were two versions released by the developer, the free version and the premium. For a game that truly entertains, $0.99 is almost the same as free and while its popularity is not at the same intensity as with the Angry Birds, it is still trying to attract gamers who might have been looking for some entertainment outside the usual.

Newer generations who are used to playing on high performance PCs and consoles may not be entertained with retro games like Bomberman. But for people who have tried playing the game, they surely understand there is greater entertainment from games made out of simplicity and logic. Bombergeddon was actually patterned from Bomberman only that it now sports better dynamics, graphics, and lots of features for maximum entertainment value while on the go.

Having been able to play Bombergeddon Premium for more than a week, I can put it under a 5-point review and rating system to determine if it’s worth the time, money, effort and commendation. The five focal points I will use to rate this game are First Impression, Gameplay, Graphics/Representation, Replay Value & Worth, and Lasting Appeal.

First Impression

Being an avid gamer, I always pay attention on how certain game talks to me when I launch and play with it the first time. So, I pay attention to the first things I see and hear and Bombergeddon seems to have a positive impact on me.

The first thing that talks to me is the golden background. Just by looking at it, it is almost certain that you would think of the game as an adventure and that’s what actually you’re getting. Those who have been a fan of Indiana Jones movies could easily relate this game to the character of Harrison Ford; cowboy hat and whip on the side.

This game will never put you on a limbo as it loads so quick. In fact, even for slower Android devices, it wouldn’t take 7 seconds to start playing it after launching the app from the home screen. Likewise, there seems to be so minimal lags and menus can be called as quickly as you could think.

After launching the app, the first option you will have to choose is whether to disable or enable the sound. For all Herocraft games I’ve played, it’s always like this. But the good thing is, at least, you have the option to turn the sounds on or off just in case you’re in a place where audio loudness matters.

Being an adventure game, I was expecting more from its audio. I was hoping to get a cowboy-themed sound when the game launches and the developer did a good job in delivering it here. The opening audio totally depicts the kind of adventure you can experience while playing it. What I love about the opening audio is that it plays an orchestral string ensemble in a majestic way.

As far as graphics is concerned, I don’t really expect so much from games on mobile devices but Herocraft delivered it just right. The backdrop is golden, then comes the photo of Indiana Jones-like character and Egyptian-inspired mummy, zombies and villains in the background. The buttons were designed in such a way that they, too, would blend so well with the background.

The navigation system of the game is much easier than you would expect. When the app is fully-loaded, there would be several buttons presented on screen, namely: Game, Play, Help, Achievements, Settings, Online, Exit and More Games. The home screen could bring you any point in a game that you like to go to. Amazingly, these buttons are responsive enough; a slight tap on them would load the next page or bring down the menu list.

Bombergeddon for Android can easily impress both first time and seasoned gamers.



It is more like the Bomberman game than any other. The thing is Herocraft made it the way to challenge even the ones who consider themselves “expert” in gaming and both the theme and colors play well in making the gameplay more interesting.

Like Bomberman, you need to put bombs strategically to kill your enemies and not your character. It is your primary weapon in completing all the levels. You will gain points every time you can kill an enemy and even gain higher points if you can kill multiple enemies in one bomb.

However, this scenario needs timing because unlike the original Bomberman game, the AI’s in this game are smarter than you could expect; they will not continue pursuing you when a bomb is on their way. To kill them, you must go near and predict the pattern of their movements before you put a bomb.

There are two game modes you can choose from, Campaign and Survival. In the Campaign Mode, you have to finish level 1 through 80. But in the Survival Mode, all you have to do is to stay alive as more and more enemies come your way. Both are challenging in their own way but it all depends on you which one you like the most.

If you think the game is short because it only has 80 levels, you’re wrong. Bombergeddon is longer and more challenging that you could imagine. The first three levels are easy to complete, however, when you reach level 4 down through 80, your fingers will become busier in controlling your character.

That said, the controls of the game is pretty straight forward; on the lower-left corner of the screen is the four-button directional controller while the one to the right corner is for activating the bomb. There is a little stiffness in controlling the game at times, but overall I think Herocraft also did a good job in making the character easier to control.


The golden background when the game starts is one of the things that would attract attention and it is used to blend with other colors in every level. There are four stages that you need to complete to finish the entire game namely, Egypt, Babylon, Aztec and China. Each level of these stages has different shades of colors but they can blend well with the game’s theme.

The character representations in this game are not bad at all. First time gamers might take just a little while to find the lead character on the board when a level loads but once found, you can never lose sight of it again. You can easily distinguish your character from other characters in every level.

The menus are well-designed and the font used is just right for the game as well as the buttons. For devices with smaller displays, the letters remain readable and items remain distinguishable.

There are collectible items in every level and each item has its own function. The icons that represent these items are pretty straightforward. For example, the icon that shows bomb is without a doubt a bomb and the icon showing shield can be used for protection of your character. There are other collectibles you can discover when you go deeper into the later levels.

Replay Value and Worth

For the entertainment it brings, we are lucky it is offered for just $0.99 and there is also a free version. I think the game is worth your money and time you spend playing considering it offers nothing but pure entertainment.

Even if you’ve completed all the levels and stages, you will still be tempted to play the game again for the kind of challenge it offers. The fact is, it is the challenges that will push you through finishing it up.

Having been able to play both free and premium versions, I say there is a big difference between the two. The free version lacks many things that make the game more challenging and of course, you will not be getting all the goodness of the game.

My suggestion to those who don’t want to pay for the premium version is that try playing the free version and if you find it easier to complete or lacks some enjoyment, upgrade to premium version to get a better one.

Lasting Appeal

Bombergeddon is a good game and it is a kind that you would surely recommend to your friends. The developers did a great job in bringing Bomberman to mobile with new and different twists. The team behind this game is, without a doubt, the expert in their field.

The game makes an appeal to both seasoned and first-time gamers. The fact that there is no violence depicted in it is evident it is also good for children. It could be considered one of the family games you would want your children to play. That’s one of the qualities I like the most about it.


After a week of playing Bombergeddon, I haven’t encountered bugs or anything that disrupted my gaming. So, I believe the developers have done all the necessary tests to make sure gamers can get the best out of it. For the five points I presented here, I think the game is worth 5 / 5 score. And for you to know exactly what I’m talking about here, you should try it.

Title: Bombergeddon (Premium / Free)

Price: $0.99 / Free

Rating: 5 / 5

In-Depth Review: Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android

Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android is one of the most acclaimed RTS games in Google Play Store where it is currently marketed for $3.00. It comes with new features, powers and characters which couldn’t be found in original Majesty game while offering new gameplays and challenges. The first Majesty games were released for PC. But HeroCraft, Inc. is the one responsible in making it mobile by porting it to iOS and Android.

I will put Majesty: Northern Expansion into a 10-point rating system to see if it’s worth the price it’s currently being sold for. Read on to know more about the game.

First Impression

While this is apparently a subjective factor, Majesty: The Northern Expansion, I believe, can easily impress gamers both seasoned and new alike. HeroCraft, the developer of this game’s version, did a good job in porting Paradox Interactive’s popular Majesty game to Android platform.

With the game’s cool graphics and interface, it wouldn’t take a minute before it would make an appeal to gamers especially those who have already played the PC version. Needless to say, the “wow” factor can be found earlier in the game and could be reinforced by its gameplay.


If there’s one thing that HeroCraft had faithfully preserved while developing the mobile version of Majesty: NE that would be the gameplay. If you happen to play the PC version of the game, you’ll easily notice there are more similarities than differences.

The fact is that the Android version has been a bit modernized with new features, characters and powers. Nevertheless, it is still the same game with the same story only that it has to adapt to the new touch-screen functionality.

While it is very common for every gamer to think this game is about eliminating the enemies, it’s not. Rather it focuses more on how to make your kingdom grow and how to manage and defend it properly.

You will be the one to build structures, hire heroes and control your kingdom’s economy while being attacked by your enemies from all sides. In other words, you are the king of the kingdom you’re controlling.


The PC version comes with an impressive representation of imperial structures, terrains, soldiers, knights, warriors, etc., now imagine if the larger and coarser graphics is compressed into a smaller display with finer pixels and brighter color; that’s exactly what you’re getting when you purchase and play Majesty game series for Android.

Younger audiences should also be able to appreciate the graphics as HeroCraft did a good job in playing with colors in this game. It made sure you will never confuse your characters or kingdom with that of your enemies making the game easier to play even for children. The user interface including buttons, menus and dialogue boxes were created in a way to better match the game’s theme.


For me, the audio seemed not so good but that’s actually one thing I could live without. I have played a lot of real-time strategy games with imperial theme like Age of Empires (all versions) and all of them have really good music. My point is that I’m used to hearing majestic music when playing imperial- or fantasy-themed games and Majesty: NE wasn’t able to meet my expectations here. In fact, there is a scarcity of music in this game.


When it comes to the sound effects of weapons, spells, attacks, etc,. I think it delivers just fine. And for the record, slashes of swords are synchronized with their respective sounds. So, for this factor I just have to give it half a point.


There’s nothing much to it because basically, there are only two actions you have to do on your screen—pan and tap. To scroll through the entire map, all you have to do is pan your finger through the screen and when you’re going to call the menus, just tap the respective buttons located on every corner.


The mini map can be called by tapping on the compass symbol located in the upper-left hand corner of the screen; the spells on the lower-left corner; to navigate through castle options just tap on the button located on the lower-right corner; and to call the menus, just tap on the button on the upper-right corner. I simply don’t have problems with the controls in general, as well as to the placement of the buttons and the way they are executed and called.


This includes possible lags and how fast the game can load. So far, Majesty: The Northern Expansion does not lag on devices with 1GHz processors and up. It also does not exhibit lags on devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

However, for older and a few entry-level devices that have only 600 MHz processor and running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, there is an occasional unresponsiveness that would last 3 to 5 seconds. It may be annoying but for those who understand the capacity of their smartphones, it may not be seen as a problem at all.

With its graphics and effects, you could almost expect that the load times may take a little while but that’s not the case here. For faster devices, the game loads in a matter of 5 seconds after tapping its icon until the option to Enable/Disable the sound appears.

There are two proprietary logos that will be presented upon launching the game; the HeroCraft and Paradox Interactive logos. Each one would take about 2 seconds each to load on a faster device. For slower ones, it would take 4 seconds each… well, you do the math. As much as I want to give this game a point for this factor, I just can’t. So, I’ll give it half a point.

Difficulty Levels

There are three difficulty levels you can choose from;

Pacifist – you don’t have to worry so much about being attacked because as long as you have at least two warriors/heroes, you can survive the first wave of attacks. That said, there will be no big early attacks; enemies will come in pairs but that’s it.

Peacemaker – this is just a little aggressive than the Pacifist but also there’s nothing to worry about. This time, attacks may be random and there could be batches that come with more than 5 enemies but once you have four warriors with a couple of guard towers near the castle, it’s easier to deflect attacks.

Bloodthirsty – now, this level is more exciting than I expected. While I am an avid fan of RTS games, I haven’t lasted more than 15 minutes when playing against bloodthirsty enemies. The thing is you don’t have full control over your warriors so you can’t focus on attacking a stronger enemy character.

Replay Value

The thing about RTS games is that they always possess replay value; you are always tempted to play again and again until you’ve mastered your enemy’s attacks and survive. I think Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android is more challenging than the PC version because of the following;

  • First, it is more difficult to control your characters on a touchscreen than using a keyboard and a mouse.
  • Second, it is more difficult to play and scroll on smaller screen.

The game is challenging in its very essence and that’s one of the reasons why many would replay it over.


The length of the game depends on the difficulty level you’re playing on as well as on your aggressiveness. Naturally, playing on a pacifist level would be shorter than the other two levels simply because you will have more time building structures and gaining more gold because your enemy does not attack you more often.

Pacifist enemies are also easier to defeat than bloodthirsty ones. So, if you are aggressive enough to initiate the attack earlier, you might just be able to finish the game faster. But unlike other RTS games, Majesty: NE limits you to 20 characters only. So, you must have your own initiative how to use your people to defeat your enemies.

Lasting Appeal

The game does make an impact on me. While not everyone is fond of playing long-running RTS games, this is one of the few Android games I would surely recommend to friends who may be looking for more entertaining piece of art.

After having played it for several days now, I think $3.00 is just cheap for this kind of game as well as the kind of entertainment anyone can get. Had the developer doubled the price, I wouldn’t think twice paying for a copy.


Apparently, Majesty: Northern Expansion was not developed in haste and lack of enthusiasm. Rather, HeroCraft took its time and put all its expertise to bring Paradox Interactive’s game to Android market. There’s no other developer who could port this game to Android platform better than HeroCraft.

More Details 

Title: Majesty: Northern Expansion

Price: $3.00

Version: 1.2.14

Platform: Android 2.1 and up

Store: Google Play Store

Devices Used for Review: Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC One S, LG Optimus One

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10