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Strategy & Tactics: WW II Android Game Review

Looking for a World War II themed strategy game? You might want to check out HeroCraft’s Strategy & Tactics: WW II which just recently made an appearance for the Android platform. Just as the title suggests, you will be using strategy in order to win the game. Think of this more like RISK and other

Protoxide: Death Race Android Game Review

Back in 2011 Herocraft announced a new kind of racing game that will be making its way to the Android platform. That game has finally arrived at Google Play after a very long delay.  Protoxide: Death Race is a futuristic racing game where you get to control hover crafts. To make things interesting there’s also

HeroCraft Valentine’s Day Sale Still Ongoing At Google Play

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, HeroCraft is running a promo that places 3 of its great games on sale. Two titles are getting 50% of its regular price while one is getting a huge 70% reduction.  Romance of Rome now costs $0.99 down from $1.99. The Enchanted Kingdom is priced at $0.99 down from $1.99.

Ant Raid Now Live At Google Play

Popular mobile game developer Herocraft has just released Ant Raid for the Android platform which you can now download over at Google Play for $0.99.  This title became one of the biggest strategy games when it was released over at the iOS platform. Now, Android users can experience this amazing title in their devices. Ant

HeroCraft Releases New Android Game Dragon’s Lore

Russian mobile game developer and publisher, HeroCraft Ltd, released on Thursday, August 2nd, a new action puzzle game for Android dubbed as Dragon’s Lore. This is the company’s latest foray into the Android game market where it is currently on a good position being one of the Top Developers at Google Play Store. Dragon’s Lore

In-Depth Review: Bombergeddon Premium by Herocraft

Herocraft Ltd, one of the Top Developers in Google Play Store, released Bombergeddon for Android on July 30th where it was accepted warmly by both gamers and Android device owners. There were two versions released by the developer, the free version and the premium. For a game that truly entertains, $0.99 is almost the same

In-Depth Review: Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android

Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android is one of the most acclaimed RTS games in Google Play Store where it is currently marketed for $3.00. It comes with new features, powers and characters which couldn’t be found in original Majesty game while offering new gameplays and challenges. The first Majesty games were released for PC.