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Hero3: Black Edition Review


GoPro has come up with its latest feature-packed action camera, the Hero3 Black Edition, which is slated for people who love spending their time outdoors like skiers, bikers, divers, base jumpers and race car drivers.

Anyone who wants to capture life’s fast-paced adventure is in for a treat with the launch of this new still and video camera from GoPro. The looks of the new Hero3 are very similar to the old Hero2. However, when you look at it closely, you will see that the difference lies in the more solid structure of the camera and the thinness and lightness of the device. Hero3 is also more compact and significantly smaller than its predecessor.

A Step from its Predecessors

Back in 2009, GoPro came out with its HD Hero, the first camera to deliver stills and wide-angle HD video. In Hero2, the company took it a notch higher by adding high-res sensor, fast burst mode (which is mighty important for Hero’s consumers—adrenaline junkies) and wider field view.

Crisp and Smooth Images

With the Hero3 Black Edition, GoPro decided to go way up the scale by packing a greater still and video performance of up to 4k, an f/2.8 wide-angle lens with a 12-megapixel sensor and a built-in WiFi. It can shoot from slow-mode to high-resolution fast bursts. Whatever you want from Hero3, it will surely offer more than what you’re expecting.

When it comes to the images, nothing delivers sharper and more crisp photographs than the Hero3 Black Edition. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting in daylight or low light environments, the Hero3 will have your back.

Ease of Use

If you have already used a GoPro camera before, then operating the Hero3 will be a piece of cake for you. The company didn’t change much of how the camera works. There are still two main buttons—one on top and the other at the front. The button placed on top is for start/stop/record purposes while the one located at the front is the navigation pad. You can view the menu and its various options on the small LCD screen.

There are basically four shooting modes—movie, still, time lapse and burst. Aside from the two buttons, there is another button that will turn the WiFi on and off. There are two LED indicators that will tell you if the camera is in shooting mode and if the WiFi is turned on.

On the side of the camera, you will find the micro-HDMI and mini-USB ports. There is also a MicroSD slot, a WiFi key, a microphone and three pinholes for audio alerts. The three pinholes will alert you if you are eating so much of your MicroSD slot and if the Hero3 is turned on.

The Hero3 Black Edition beats its competitions (Sony and Contour) where it truly mattered—user-friendliness, sharp and crisp images and high-definition video clips. However, the battery life is something that GoPro must soon address. Recording at 1080p over 30fps only lasted for 88 minutes. Once GoPro addresses this problem, then this camera will be the perfect companion for extreme sports enthusiasts.

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