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HTC Revamps Hero Device Strategy Forming “Studio” For Design

HTC CEO Peter Chou file photo: TDG

HTC came barreling out of the gate in the initial Android boom. After releasing the Google branded G1 they continued with hit after hit for Android phones. The HTC Incredible and the original Google Nexus One are just some of their legacy Android handsets that are still employed in wide scale today.

However, during their Q4 earnings call HTC admitted that they had lost their way. In the wake of trying to crank out handset after handset they got lazy and for instance, put 4G/LTE chips in their legacy design producing a rather thick HTC Thunderbolt.

In Sprint’s relationship with HTC the carrier and the manufacturer decided to take the design of the HTC Merge, with it’s slide out keyboard and produce the HTC Evo Shift 4G, that phone was about as popular as the Motorola DeVour. In fact if you’re sitting on an HTC Evo Shift 4G and want to trade it in at Best Buy, no dice as that phone comes back with zero in trade in value.

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