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Work Will Never Be The Same Again: Griffin Introduces The Helo TC Assault For Android

Griffin, the name behind great music accessories and gear, phone accessories and remote control helicopters powered by smartphones, has announced something that completely rocks. No it’s not some kind of bass pushing head, we’re talking an Android controlled helicopter that fires missles.

This ain’t your 12 year olds helicopter. Let the kids play with the original Helo TC while dad, his Android phone and his Helo TC Assault maneuver around the yard in stealth mode until it’s too late. A missile is streaming from the Helo TC Assault and BOOM the kids copters are knocked into oblivion.

Mom’s had one too many helicopters get caught in her after work glass of wine, or maybe she’s tired of little Johnnys original Helo TC bonking her in the head while she’s trying to finish a report on her laptop. Mom can strap the remote control onto her Samsung Galaxy S II and get her Helo TC Assault off the ground in seconds, living rooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, no spot is safe from the Helo TC Assault when moms behind the wheel. Missiles left and right, sending even the rotweiller for cover.

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