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Ashpalt 7: Heat Hits Google Play At Full Force


Gameloft released their new racing game, Asphalt 7: Heat today. Honestly, this game looks absolutely amazing and I can not wait to give it a try. Ashpalt is one of the most beautiful racing games you will ever see on Android devices and with the release of Ashpalt 7: Heat, it just reaffirms that opinion. This game looks beautiful and Gameloft always does a great job with this series. The only thing is, some users have been reporting that the game is not compatible with certain devices yet. One Google Play reviewer say that it is currently not working on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. It seems to be downloadable for my Atrix 2 from Motorola though, so I will get up a review on it soon!

Another problem is that the game is huge. It’s only 400mb less than what Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was meaning it is going to be a total of 1.4GB to download over your data connection. Who knows what else awaits you to download once you open up the game though.

As I said earlier, the graphics look pretty dang good through the screen shots. I have become not so sure of that. As I read through the reviews on Google Play. This one review concerns me especially:

“I should know by now to not trust any gameloft game to not be ridden with in app purchases and prompts to share with every social network on the planet so they get more free advertising. The graphics look nothing like the screen shots as usual, Even on my tegra powered xoom the flyover movies look horrible and full of graphical glitches. Every texture is horribly low rez so even the attempts to make buildings look more realistic with signage fails miserably. As with most games you unlock cars as you progress though the races but guess what?? Once you unlock a car you still have to buy it. “Unlocking” a new vehicle only unlocks the ability for you to buy it with in game money. Oh, you don’t have enough in game money, we’ll sell you some for REAL money!! Every time you complete a goal you are spammed for EVERY one of them to share it with everyone you know so gameloft gets more free advertising. On top of all of that the controls are very bad. Even with the sensitivity turned all the way up I have to rotate my tablet over an inch before the car even begins to respond to the turn. You spammed me for a market review so here it is….” – Jason

The Ashpalt series used to be great. If this reviewer is true in what he says I am going to be very disappointed. I’ll be getting a review up on this game in the coming days and keep everyone updated if this is true or not. Honestly, the screen shots make the graphics look wonderful, so Jason’s comment on low res textures concerns me. If you have played any Gameloft games though, you’ll know that all of their games are full of in-app purchases even if you paid for the app already.

You can purchase and download the game on Google Play.