These apps will help you fight the post-holiday blues

The holidays are over, and it’s the start of a new year. For many, this means starting the year right with a few resolutions. For some, the period after holiday season could be a time of post-holiday blues. Are you an avid smartphone user? Here are a few apps that can help you manage. The

App Spotlight: StopWatch & Timer

Many phones come with a preloaded timer or stopwatch of some sort. However, they rarely work the way they are supposed to. That is why thousands of users have switched to the app Stopwatch & Timer. But why do so many people like it? Well for starters, the app is very clean and quite easy

Workout Trainer, Who Needs A Gym Friend Anyway?

Ever want to go to the gym but your gym friend decides to wuss out that day because he has a “cold” and you are forced to go alone? Or, maybe you can’t make it to the gym today yourself because you just do not have enough time on your hands to get there with