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Solutions to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 notifications and audio related issues

The Android 6 #Marshmallow (Android M) update for the #Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#GalaxyNote5) is just around the corner. We’re hoping that it will fix problems reported by so many owners after the lollipop update. Speaking of which, here are some of the notifications issues and sound problems reported by our readers…


If you have other issues, visit our Note 5 troubleshooting page where we list down every problem we addressed. Find issues that are similar to yours and use the solutions we provided if applicable. If they don’t work, then feel free to contact us as we’re always willing to help you. Just fill up this questionnaire more accurately and hit submit.

Note 5 notification won’t sound off until the alarm goes off

Problem: At night I am receiving no messaging sounds. I checked all sounds on the phone, notification settings etc. Once my alarm goes off the notification sounds work again. I have 6-10 messages throughout the night from my job that I do not know about and I need to know they are coming in. The Do Not Disturb is not on.

Troubleshooting: If it happens every time, then you must have set the phone not to sound off when messages come in for a specific period of time. I don’t have any idea how you set your phone or what apps you’re using so I don’t know for sure what’s causing it. But the thing is the phone sounds off when messages come in but not until the alarm went off.

Also, I’m wondering, do messages come in all at once? Because if so, the reason why you weren’t hearing any notifications is because the messages didn’t come in at the expected time.

Finding the culprit is really difficult but further observation may just help you solve this problem. It’s really difficult for us who don’t have any idea how the phone is set up especially when it comes to its sounds and notifications.

Note 5 text notification not working if messaging app is open

Problem: When I am in a texting conversation my phone will not emit a sound when i receive the text if the texting application is open. But if i close the texting app only then will the notification chime letting me know i have received a text. I shouldn’t have to close the texting app for the notification sound to alert me that I have a text. Please help me.

Answer: Trust me, you’re not the only one who complained about it. In fact, this has been one of the most common complaints Galaxy owners reported after the lollipop update. It seems like Samsung deliberately did this maybe thinking why should users be notified of new text messages when they already looking at or using the messaging app? But as for me, it would still be better if they just left the phone as it was in this aspect because, like me, many owners hit the home button after reading a text.

But honestly, there’s not much we can do about this issue.

Note 5 plays the playlist when controlled using the headset

Problem: When I am wearing my headphones listening to online audio class and I pause the class with the button on the headset wire. Once I restart the class with the same button, my playlist in the stock music app starts (the one with the blue background  and neon yellow music note). So I can only control the pause and play in the class I want  from the screen pause button only. If I want to walk around listening I have to get the phone out to control the lesson. Please advise. Thanks, Nava.

Answer: Let me guess, you’re playing the online class audio via the web browser or third-party app. I’m sorry to say this but that’s how Samsung built this phone. It seems like the Play button on the headset can only control the music app but not audio player embedded in other apps.

This is one of the issues we really can’t do something about. But is it possible to just download the audio and play it through the Music player? That way, you can pause and play it using the headset.

Ringtone purchased from Verizon Tones not included in the list

Problem: I purchased a ringtone from Verizon Tones, but when I went to assign it to a contact by going to Settings > Sound and Notification > Ringtones and Sounds > Ringtone, it does not show up on the list.  When I click on +Add Ringtones, it is also not listed. When I went back to Verizon Tones and tried to make sure it downloaded, I received an error message stating that the ringtone had already been purchased and to download it from Music Box. I checked on the Music app, and it is not listed.  I have tried unsuccessfully to find a solution by Googling my problem, and that led the your website.  One thing that I noticed is that several solutions suggested using the “button” on the lower left side of the phone as that would take you to the menu option.  On my phone it only lets me Close All.

I should let you know that on a scale of being technologically savvy, I am about a 3. Thank you very sincerely for your assistance.

Suggestion: I’m not sure what you mean by the Music Box because I haven’t heard of it before. However, about your problem, as long as you’ve successfully downloaded the ringtone, you should be able to find it when you hit Add Ringtone. Since it’s not included in the list of available ringtones, it might have been downloaded to a different location. Try opening the Music app and head to recently added songs to see if it got detected by it. If it’s there, then it was successfully downloaded, otherwise, it’s better to call Verizon and request for assistance.

Note 5 plays back videos without audio but can play music just fine

Problem: There is no sound coming from the earphones when I’m playing any video, whether it is on youtube, dailymotion or even videos stored on my phone using the video app. However, I am able to listen to music through the earphones and there are also sounds from the videos when I play it out loud using the phone loud speaker.

Suggestion: I never encountered this kind of issue before. Sure, I encountered a lot of audio-related problems but not like this. The volumes for both music and videos are set under “media,” basically, if the Music app plays the audio without issues, the video player should be able to do so provided that the video being played back comes with audio. Before spending time troubleshooting, there’s one thing you need to do: try recording a video of yourself talking to the camera and make sure your voice is audible enough. After that, try to play back the video to see if there’s a sound. If not, then try the following:

  • Clear the cache and data of the video player.
  • Try booting the phone in safe mode and play a video.
  • If all else fails, you need to do the master reset.

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