5 Best Bluetooth Headsets For iPhone X

The iPhone X is one of the best phones your money can buy right now, and it’s one of the many phones that has said goodbye to your standard headphone jack. With this in mind, you’re probably going to want to invest in a good Bluetooth headset to go with your new iPhone X. That’s

5 Best USB-C Headphones In 2020

Smartphones are moving away from micro-USB technology, and after just a couple of years, it’s almost like you can only get phones with a USB-C port now. And on top of that, most manufacturers have removed the headphone jack to make room for even better phone technology, or to create better waterproof of their phones. That said,

computer not recognizing headphones

How To Fix Computer Not Recognizing Headphones Issue

Headphones are a common computer accessory as it allows a user to have a clear and high quality audio experience. There are two ways you can connect this to your computer, using the 3.5mm audio port or by using the USB port. Although headphones generally work immediately when plugged in there are instances when certain

5 Best Bluetooth Headset For Cell Phones In 2020

Looking for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones for your cell phone? It goes without saying, there are plenty of high quality options on the market, but with so many choices, how do you choose? It all depends on what you’re looking to get out of a pair of headphones. Generally, folks are looking for

5 Best Headphones Under $100 In 2020

Headphones are great for a lot of purposes: monitoring stage sound, listening to studio setups, casual listening, gaming, etc. However, a poor quality pair of headphones can ruin an otherwise good audio experience. They can make sound that is supposed to be good sound like its coming out a soup can. A good pair of

5 Best Cheap Headphones Under $30 In 2020

If you’re looking to upgrade your audio experience, but don’t have a whole lot of cash to spare, you can still get your hands on a good pair of headphones! Yes, cheap headphones aren’t going to give you the best audio experience out there, but they’ll upgrade the can-like stereo sound that your current smartphone

ATGOIN Bluetooth Headphones

[Deal] ATGOIN wireless Bluetooth headphones for $19.99

An Amazon retailer is now offering the ATGOIN Bluetooth wireless headphones for just $19.99. This is a pretty attractive deal on the product and something that could appeal to a wide range of audiophiles out there. Even if you’re not one, the fact that you’re getting such good quality headphones on the cheap should make

[Deal] Bose MIE2 headphones for $72.99

The Bose MIE2 high-performance headphones can now be purchased on eBay for just $72.99. Yes, this seems like a lot, but considering the fact that these are the original headphones, we think you’re getting a very good deal here. Form and functionality wise, this is much like any other 3.5mm compatible wired headphones. However, given

Monster 24K - Rose Gold

[Deal] Monster 24K over-the-ear headphones for $99.99

Monster, a renowned manufacturer of audio equipment such as headphones is now offering the 24K over-the-ear headphones at a remarkable price of $99.99. The deal is offered via eBay by Monster’s official page, so you’re getting the headphones straight from the manufacturer, in a way. The listing originally had the headphones in Gold and Rose Gold

Beats Pro Lil Wayne

[Deal] Beats Pro Lil Wayne Red headphones for $229.99

Beats (formerly Beats by Dr. Dre) is one of the most recognizable audio brands out there. Some of their signature headphones have a vast popularity among the common public and can be bought for a slightly premium price tag. One such pair of headphones is a now up for grabs from eBay. The retailer is offering

Polk Audio Buckle - Black

[Deal] Polk Audio Buckle Headphones for $32

Polk Audio’s official eBay store is now offering the Buckle headphones for just $32. This is a brand new unit and the company mentions that it’s a discount from its usual price tag of $199, although it’s currently retailing for around $40 on Amazon. But even then, these high-quality headphones are a very good value

Klipsch X4i

[Deal] Klipsch X4i in-ear headphones for $39.99

#Klipsch is one of the reputed names in the headphones market. You can now grab the company’s X4i in-ear headphones for a miserly $39.99 through eBay. This is a remarkable discount since its usual asking price is $149.99 (according to the listing anyway). If you’re an audiophile, you would know the importance of owning a

Beats Mixr DJ

[Deal] Beats by Dr.Dre Mixr DJ on-ear headphones for $109

Audiophiles love Beats headphones. Well, the Beats by Dr.Dre Mixr DJ headphones can now be grabbed from eBay for just $109. The headphones are available in three attractive neon colors, so there are multiple variants to pick from. Mixr DJ headphones can be likened to Beats Solo headphones in form and functionality, but the trendy

Best Headphones for Running.

Music can boost your performance during workout or a regular jog and when it comes to selecting a pair of headphones for this purpose, you need to be really picky. You never want to mess around with the broken or jumbled wires nor do you want to waste your time adjusting the ear buds again

Beats & Monster Breaking Up,What About HTC?

When Dr. Dre started off his musical career his first big group was the World Class Wrecking Crew. After that he joined hands with the Easy E and Ren and Ice Cube with NWA. After a very public break up of NWA, Dr. Dre joined forces with Snoop Doggy Dogg and most recently in the

Holiday Gift Guide: Coloud Colors In Ear Headphones With Mic

Simple, colorful and smart that’s what you get every time you walk into an Ikea store so why should that be any different with Coloud headphones.  Manufactured in Sweden (home to Ikea and Lego), Coloud has released a simple affordable pair of in ear headphones that have a microphone built in for taking calls. These