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Galaxy Note 2 Light Sensitivity

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Light Sensitivity Problem

We recently received an email through Mailbag which reads, “I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 light sensitivity problem. I face an issue while taking pictures in its camera, the over head light spreads a lot or it appears too bright. As a result the subject in my pictures sometimes appear to be bathed in

Enable HDR & Grid Mode for iPhone Front Camera

Ever thought of using HDR and Grid Mode for the front facing camera on iPhone? Well you can now practically enable the HDR mode on the front camera and enhance the picture quality. Ever since Apple released iOS4, not a single new feature has been introduced for the front camera. Although many tweaks has been

CyanogenMod 10.1 Update Brings HDR Capabilities to Older Smartphones

A smartphone’s camera is as good as the software inside. This is something we tech geeks tell ourselves and with good reason. If you notice the mobile cameras that we’ve had so far since the past few years, nothing much has changed (except for Nokia’s innovation in the field with Pureview tech). What’s changed though