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HDMI Sound To TV Not Working

How To Fix HDMI Sound To TV Not Working Issue Quick and Easy Way

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is  a proprietary interface that is capable of transmitting standard, enhanced, and high-definition video signals, as well as up to 8-channels of digital audio signals. You basically just need one cable to connect your computer to a TV or monitor to experience watching and listening to high definition content.

[Deal] Roku 3 HDMI streaming box can be yours for $89.99

The #Roku is one of the most popular HDMI set top boxes available in the market and has made a name for itself despite the presence of offerings from Amazon, Google and Apple. The third generation model, a.k.a the Roku 3 can now be purchased from Best Buy’s dedicated eBay store for just $89.99, which is

Gadget Spotlight: Optoma PK301 Projector

If you’re in the market for a pico projector than Optoma is the first place I would look. Optoma has been an industry standard in projectors for nearly a decade, but long gone are the days of wheeling in the best projector to the conference room. Nowadays the pico projector is a must have for

Part Two – Droid X HDMI out – We’re doing it wrong

Yesterday I focused on the limitations of the Evo 4G’s HDMI out.  A quick recap, the two major faults with the HDMI out implementation on the Evo are the lack of full system output to your HDTV and a cap on the frames per second (30 fps) regardless of whether the HDMI is being utilized.

Part One – Evo 4G HDMI out – We're Doing it Wrong

By Cameron Wright, Contributor TDG Online It seems that a “critical feature” in existing and upcoming Android handsets is HDMI out. We crave it, slam phones that don’t have it, and will spend absurd amounts on cable to connect these devices to our Televisions. Or do we? Welcome to a three part series regarding HDMI

Samsung surpasses all others with Divx HD stamp!

One of the biggest discussion points for any Android device is it’s ability to act as a portable media device. The generally accepted opinion of the music app included in the stock OS is one of mostly bland and somewhat negative stance. The saving grace could be in how it handles streaming movies and playback.