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Verizon Prepaid users to get HD Voice starting Sep. 25

Verizon Prepaid HD Voice

Verizon Prepaid HD Voice

#Verizon has been offering HD Voice to its postpaid customers for quite some time now. But the carrier will start offering the same call quality to its prepaid customers as well. Starting September 25, Verizon Prepaid customers will be able to enjoy HD Voice on their devices. Of course, you will need to have a compatible handset to enjoy this feature.

In addition to enjoying enhanced voice quality, users will also be able to initiate video calls right from the calling screen. Further, you will be able to initiate six-way calling and also browse internet whilst on the call. So the inclusion of HD Voice actually brings forth a bundle of features. While we expect the feature to be available on Sunday, don’t be surprised if it takes until Monday to reflect on your devices.

Verizon claims that there are quite a few handsets that support HD Voice as of now, although we don’t think the number would be as high as the postpaid phones that Verizon offers.

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AT&T Galaxy Note 4 getting an update with the HD Voice feature

AT&T Galaxy Note 4

AT&T Galaxy Note 4

AT&T has started rolling out a minor firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, bringing along the HD Voice feature. Customers can only access this feature if both parties on the phone call have the feature enabled. Currently, HD Voice is limited to a few regions in the U.S.. The update changes the firmware version to N910AUCU1BNK3 and is a hefty 223.71MB in size.

Android version remains the same at Android 4.4.4, so don’t expect to see any stock Android related changes on board. AT&T is also packing apps like Evernote, Softcard and Amazon Shopping along with the update. There’s also the usual suite of bug fixes and performance enhancements in tow with this new firmware upgrade. Make sure you’re on the lookout for an update later today if you own an AT&T branded Galaxy Note 4. Depending on your location, it might take some time to reach all devices in the U.S., so maintain patience if you don’t see it right away.

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AT&T Galaxy S4 Mini with HD Voice available on May 23

AT&T Galaxy S4 Mini

AT&T Galaxy S4 Mini

AT&T has just announced the arrival of the Galaxy S4 Mini with the HD Voice feature. The carrier will be able to provide this service using VoLTE. The smartphone will be available on the 23rd of May, but AT&T has made the announcement early so that potential buyers are aware of the new HD voice feature that the smartphone supports.

The Galaxy S4 Mini will only cost a meager $49.99 on a two contract, which is justified for a year old device. If you plan on getting it via AT&T Next, the carrier is offering 18 month installment options at $14.24 per month or with a 12 month installment at $18.50 per month.

The smartphone features a 4.3 inch 960 x 540 resolution Super AMOLED display, an 8-megapixel camera on the back, a dual core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 400 SoC, 1.5GB of RAM, Android 4.4.2 KitKat and a 1,900 mAh battery.

The HD Voice feature will be initially limited to Minneapolis and Chicago, but the smartphone will support standard 4G LTE in other areas where the carrier supports the network.

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Sprint’s HD Voice service will be available throughout the U.S. by July

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Sprint has announced that it will bring its HD voice service to the entirety of the U.S. by July this year. This will also require compatible devices to function, so the carrier is expected to roll out an update which brings support for the feature. The information was given out by the CEO Dan Hesse while speaking at the Oracle Industry Connect conference.

Sprint has already rolled out the HD Voice update to some of its devices over the past few months, and we can expect the carrier to keep updating devices to increase the compatibility list even further.

HD Voice will basically negate background noise associated with regular phone calls and provide much better in-call voice clarity. This technology uses seven octaves while standard voice calls make use of four octaves, so it’s substantially different from what you’re used to right now.

Most flagship devices should be compatible with HD Voice and that includes the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as the new HTC One. So who’s looking forward to trying out this new feature?

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HD Voice Available At AT&T This Year

AT&T has confirmed at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit held in California its plans to push through with HD Voice on its 4G LTE network which is expected to be available by the end of this year. Kris Rinne, executive vice president of network technologies at AT&T Labs, said in the summit that “HD Voice is part of our Voice over LTE strategy.”

hd voice

The company however didn’t provide any further details on this technology and the compatible handsets that can take advantage of this feature. Implementing HD voice on a network requires some considerable infrastructure changes.

Once this feature becomes available AT&T will finally catch up to some of its European counterparts who have already been using this technology for quite some time now.

What is HD Voice? Basically, it offers a higher quality audio during phone calls. Right now the audio frequency being used in voice calls is between 300 Hz and 3.4 kHz. A person’s voice ranges from around 50 Hz to 14 kHz. HD voice will be offering a voice frequency of around 50 Hz – 7 kHz which although falls short of the full spectrum of a person’s voice is already an improvement.

More audio samples will also be taken by HD Voice. Right now the standard is 8,000 samples. HD Voice aims to double this by taking 16,000 samples which should let you hear more details on a person’s voice.

Not everyone on the AT&T network will be able to take advantage of this new feature once it is made available. You will need an LTE subscription as well as a compatible handset to be able to enjoy higher quality calls. Most devices newer than the Samsung Galaxy S3 should be able to support HD Voice but you will still have to double check on this with the carrier. Some of the devices that support this technology are the iPhone 5, Samsung S III and IV, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920 and Sony Xperia Z.

The announcement of AT&T comes in a little bit late as T-Mobile has already announced that they will be making HD voice available for its iPhone 5 customers by mid-April. Sprint has also made a limited rollout of HD Voice for its Samsung Galaxy S3 subscriber last year.

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T-Mobile Announces HD Voice, 4G LTE Among Other Things at CES 2013


T-Mobile is America’s fourth largest carrier, which isn’t something to be particularly fond of. Behind Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, T-Mobile has been relatively silent over the last year. And that’s because we saw the top 3 carriers launch or expand 4G LTE networks in the country, while T-Mobile’s networks were limited to just 4G or HSPA+. It was however rumored that the carrier would bring LTE to its users soon, and it seems like the day has finally arrived. Taking full advantage of the CES atmosphere in Las Vegas, the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere announced the carrier’s 4G LTE network and gave us an idea as to where the company is headed in 2013. The company expects to have over 100 million customers on its network covered with LTE by the middle of this year and wants to double that number by the end of 2013. Pretty ambitious we think, especially given how far carriers like Verizon and AT&T have taken LTE till now.

T-Mobile also announced the 4G Connect (not LTE) which will offer qualifying tablets, notebooks and ultrabooks with 200MB of free data every month for two years when the device is purchased through the carrier. 200MB is certainly not a lot, but considering the fact that these devices are usually on Wi-Fi and hardly require a data connection, it’s not a bad offer to have. For users requiring more than 200MB of data, other plans are available. T-Mobile also announced the Unlimited Nationwide 4G plans which will be available starting from today, more details on that is awaited.

The carrier also demoed for its audience at CES something known as HD Voice. It’s the first time this feature is making its way to the U.S and T-Mobile proudly brags of that fact. It’s innovative, and we’ve seen global carriers like Orange announce the feature on its networks last year (although it has been in development since the past couple of years). This feature will certainly grab a lot of eyeballs and rightly so. There’s still not enough info on how or which devices are compatible with this new feature, but we expect T-Mobile to provide clarification in due time. The carrier also announced its partnership with MLB (Major League Baseball) and had a few baseball players in attendance, so it was all fancy from T-Mobile. The carrier then mentioned a few areas where the carrier has revamped its networks which included cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver and Virginia Beach.

There was a flurry of announcements from T-Mobile’s CES press event with 4G LTE being the most important of them all. It is hoped that the carrier will launch a few smartphones with an LTE chip now that the network supports it. Reports have suggested that T-Mobile will send out an OTA update to Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphones to enable the LTE chip inside. Remember, the Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile only supports HSPA+ speeds despite having an HSPA+/LTE chip inside. Let’s hope we get to hear more about that soon.

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