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Intel announces three new Chromebooks from HP, Acer and Toshiba

Intel’s Developer Forum has not just been all about new chips for smartphones and smartwatches, but the launch of three new Chromebook’s running on Intel Haswell processor chips, for better performance and battery life. First on the stage is the HP Chromebook 14, sporting the largest display out of the three and a 1366×768 resolution. It


Intel Haswell chips may power next generation Chromebooks

Google’s Chrome OS has been a mixed bag of success, with Samsung’s netbook the top seller in the store for 300 days and other rumors saying Chrome OS has less than 1% of all the PC marketshare. Despite questionable penetration in the market, more manufacturers are deciding to develop a Chromebook, with Samsung, Acer,


Updated iMac expected to ship in June or July

Along with the Macbook lines Apple is also updating the iMacs to Haswell chips the updated iMacs are expected to ship in late June or early July. Analyst have seen a drop in iMac sales this quarter compared to last quarter, last quarter Apple sold 1.75 million units compared to 650,000 this quarter. The update

Sony unveils Haswell Convertible Laptop Tablets

Sony has unveiled a new line of Haswell based convertible laptop tablets, the lines include the Vaio Pro and the Vaio Duo. The Vaio Pro is a touch enabled ultrabook running Windows 8, pretty standard but it just weight 1.92 pounds and includes a high speed PCIe SSD drive with twice the performance of a

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Intel unveils Haswell quad-core microprocessor

Intel has unveiled their fourth-generation core microarchitecture Haswell today, they have unveiled the quad-core version of their processors for laptops and desktops. The chip manufacturer has been teasing Haswell for the last year and have made massive claims about the chip saying that it will increase battery life by 50% for supported laptops, also graphics


Next MacBooks will have 50% more battery life

Apple has a longstanding reputation with Intel and has always got the newest Intel chips in their MacBooks, we expect the same will happen this year and Apple’s new range of laptops will have 50% more battery life. Intel’s new Haswell chips put major focus on power consumption and graphical fidelity, with 50% less power


Haswell based MacBooks starting production in May

Tim Cook described the next few months for Apple as “quiet”, but he may not have been talking about product launches, instead he meant new products and innovations Apple is currently working on. As for the current line of products, the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, it will be business as usual,