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Hasbro, Zynga team up to launch Zynga social games in US

From virtual game to a real family board game. This is what is due to befall on four popular social online games, from the recent collaboration of Hasbro and Zynga.

Two of the world’s biggest social game providers, Zynga and Hasbro have just teamed up to launch four eminent Zynga social games, to be labelled as Hasbro-produced board games for retailers in the United States. Among the soon-to-be released games include Draw Something, Words With Friends, City Ville and Farm Ville. These games are usually played by hundreds of millions of Facebook users, up till now. They are also available in mobile platforms, emerging on top among other games.

The four Zynga-Hasbro games are set to be offered in the US market this month.

In every month, Zynga acquires 306 million active users for its social network and mobile games. Its social online games apparently have influenced the mass culture of these days. The more people use Facebook per day, the higher the chances of Zynga games to be played each day as well.

Seeing the new generation is becoming extremely hooked into these social online games, both companies have decided to venture digital game brands out and present them to the physical world of family board games.

Zynga-Hasbro Games Overview

The special digital values incorporated in the Hungry Hungry Herd, City Ville and Words With Friends titles are thought to refine every player’s game play, whether online or mobile.

Hungry Hungry Herd. One of the soon-to-launch family board games inspired from the characters of Zynga’s Farm Ville is the Hungry Hungry Herd games. In this game, players will try to take in as many apples as they can. The player with the highest number of apples wins.

In order to keep their farms going online, a minimum of 50 Farm Cash redeemable digital currency is offered. Players are also given with an option to choose from a Gobbling Horse, Munching Pig, Snacking Sheep, or Chomping Cow. After releasing the marbles at the center, a player should try to eat as much as he can. The game is designed for players at the age of 4 and above. It will cost $22.99.

City Ville Monopoly. In this game, players compete to form their dream cities. A train station, toy shop and bakery are among the available game locations for players to purchase. Stackable houses are also provided for players to build homes, apartments and businesses. Mystery Gifts, which players can exchange, are also offered. Target markets for this game are kids aging 8 and above, for a price of $24.99. An 85 City Cash for players to use in online version is already included in the package.

Words With Friends. The concept of this game is closely similar to that of the Scrabble board game, where players play word combinations to score the highest points. In mobile or online versions, players can access several digital features like The Word-O-Meter, The Count, and Tile Pile, to increase their scores. The game includes 104 tiles and 4 tile racks. It is available this month at and from most major retailers for $19.99. It is best for kids 13 and above.

Draw Something. In this game, players will choose a card and draw one from the three given items. Difficulty ranges from easy to hard. A cue to winning the game is by choosing to most difficult item to draw for other players to guess. If the guess is right, the more coins are given. This game is best for children of ages 8 and above, available at $19.99.

Eric Nyman, senior vice president and global brand leader of Hasbro Gaming in Pawtucket said the company is delighted to work with Zynga, to offer the millions of their patrons with a unique and sensational Zynga gaming experience, as well as providing families more great options to play on.

Zynga team is also honored to join forces with Hasbro.

According to Zynga’s executive vice president of corporate and business development, Barry Cottle, it is Zynga’s privilege to collaborate with Hasbro. He believes this union will pave the way for Zynga to establish stronger connections with their players.

Source: Venture Beat

Asus Safe, Judge Rejects Hasbro’s Injunction Against Transformer Prime

With nearly 1000 Android devices in existence it wasn’t going to be too long before we saw overlap between various other retail sectors. Yesterday we brought you this infographic showing you how many Android devices share names with condoms.

You may remember a few months back we reported that the toy company Hasbro, who holds the rights to the Transformers line of toys, had sought an injunction over the import of the Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet. Hasbro didn’t take Asus to court over the first Transformer tablet however the Transformer Prime, I guess in Hasbro’s eyes, is really close to Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots.

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Hasbro Finally Sues Asus Over Transformer Name

We all know that with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Eee Pad Transformer prime, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. That and the fact that they used the word “transformer” was bound to make the coffers at Hasbro a little upset. We’re just surprised it took this long.

We were actually happy to find a lawsuit involving Android that didn’t involve the words patent, or Apple. Wednesday it was revealed that Hasbro has sued Asus over their use of the word Transformer.  Hasbro is hoping to hault the sales and import of the Asus Transformer Prime tablet which has been available for pre-order on American websites like, and for a few weeks now.

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