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Has Contingency Plan If WP Fails

Nokia Still In The Race, Has Contingency Plan If WP Fails

Whenever during a press interview, Nokia is asked about what it plans to do if in case it’s Windows Phone mantra does not work out, the company CEO, Stephen Elop has responded with a “Plan B is to make sure that Plan A is very successful.” statement. But never has he elaborated on what that “Plan B” is, leaving many to speculate to their minds content and many others to wonder if there is a “Plan B” in place at all.

Now, in a television interview for Finnish broadcaster YLE which aired last week, Nokia’s Chairman, Risto Siilasmaa has revealed that Nokia has a contingency plan in place to cope with  the eventuality of the Windows Phone platform failing to help Nokia garner the expected market share. As usual, no further explanation was given by Siilasmaa about what might this contingency plan be.
“According to Siilasmaa, Nokia has a contingency plan in place if the Windows 8 Phone fails to live up to expectations. But he said the company was confident that the product would be a success.”

“The Nokia chair rebuffed claims that the company had put all of its eggs in one basket by working with Microsoft.
Siilasmaa pointed out that the company owned five business areas, including its location services, patent stock and network division (Nokia Siemens Networks).
He defended the choice of Windows Phone as the platform to replace its flagging Symbian operating system, which he said had been in steady decline since 2008.”, reports

“Symbian’s market share has come down close to zero”, Siilasmaa said regarding, the now almost defunct OS which Nokia plans to phase out after one final update in the form of Belle Feature Pack 2

Nokia’s second quarter financial results are scheduled to be posted on July 19 and will provide analysts with a clearer picture of Nokia’s standing in the industry and whether Nokia will indeed be in need of a “Plan B”