Easy steps to fix Samsung Galaxy A50 that keeps restarting

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A50 keeps restarting by itself, you can almost expect it to be an issue with the firmware, especially if there are no signs of physical and/or liquid damage. However, you need to perform some troubleshooting procedures to be able to determine what the issue really is all about

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy A70 that won’t turn on

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A70 suddenly powered down and won’t turn on, the problem could either be with the hardware or the software. As the owner, you should be the first one to know if the phone has suffered a drop that may have caused some physical damage, or if it has

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy A40 keeps rebooting randomly

Performance issues occur every now and then even to high-end devices. Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A40 have been complaining about random restarts. One of our readers even contacted us detailing the problem wherein her phone keeps rebooting almost every 3 minutes. According to her, the problem started after the recent firmware update.  Apparently,

My LG V50 ThinQ won’t turn on. Two ways to fix it.

When a high-end smartphone like the LG V50 ThinQ powered down and won’t turn on, it’s either a minor problem with the firmware or a serious hardware issue. If it’s with the firmware, then I’m pretty sure that after following the solutions here, you’d be able to make it respond again. However, if the problem

Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t turn on after charging overnight (easy fix)

There are times when problems occur and make the firmware crash. They’re not necessarily serious problems but they may leave your phone unresponsive. Such is the case with some of our readers who contacted us because their Samsung Galaxy S9 units reportedly won’t turn on anymore after charging overnight. Others even speculated that their phones