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Google X Phone to come in more than 20 color options


New rumors have surfaced the internet on the much awaited Motorola X phone. According to Motorola sources at phone arena, Google X phone will have plenty of color options and by plenty, I mean more than 20. This would mean that you could get your favorite smartphone in practically any color you like. Having to choose from 20 colors will definitely attract a lot of customers, especially when android phones do not have such customization options.

google x phone


Ofcourse, the company has not yet confirmed or denied of any such rumors but we don’t actually expect them to confirm anything especially when they are silent about this much talked about phone. From last year we have been getting reports through various leaks and online sources that Google is busy working on a Motorola X phone that would help Motorola make a mark in the market. However, even after contacting Google or Motorola several times, the company officials have not commented on this topic at all. The closest news we have got from the company is that they would be releasing a series of smartphones later this month that would be sized just right (and by sized just right they mean not too big) and would run on stock android. Not that we believe Motorola X phone to be one of these devices, but atleast now we have hopes that once the existing smartphones in the Motorola pipeline is done, we can see some better and innovative smartphones like the X phone.

Earlier, we had got reports that the phone’s hardware would be customizable. Although it would have been a great customization feature, we were really wondering how the company could implement such customization option. And as expected a few days later, these reports were found to be fake and unfortunately we won’t be seeing a phone with a customizable hardware. But a phone with 20 color options? That sounds possible and would indeed attract a lot of new customers to the company. Having to choose from 20 color options can be a daunting task especially if you happen to like 2 or more colors. The exact number of color options is still not confirmed but the word is that both Motorola and Google are looking forward to provide more than 20 color options to its users.

However, 20 color options sounds kind of overkill. We think that allowing the users to choose from a preset 5 or 6 colors would be sufficient enough. C’mon android phones have never seen good customization options and giving the user the option to choose from 5-6 color options would definitely be enough. We have seen windows phones offer the same kind of 5-6 color strategy and it seemed to work for them fine.

Anyways, what we are sure of is that you will get plenty of color options with the device but we are not yet sure whether the phone will be launched by the end of this year. Earlier rumors suggested that it would be launched during Google I/O but now that seems to be highly unlikely. Until we get an official announcement from the company, we just have to be satisfied with such rumors.

via Phone Arena