WiFi Connectivity Problem in Galaxy Note 2

Recently we have discussed the possible causes and solutions to the WiFi connectivity problem experienced by some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phones. In one article, we presented using the Power Save Mode to optimize the performance of the phone’s WiFi. Other solutions were also presented here. Since the Galaxy Note 2 is running in the

Amazon Fire Phone: Top features and key weaknesses

Every gadget, no matter how carefully prepared, thought-through and well-groomed, has flaws. The iPhone 5s fell short of perfection, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 likewise, and even LG’s G3 is underwhelming in some respects. The key to success is in most cases to cover a device’s imperfections with a greater number of assets. More important than their

Are we ready for the modular smartphone?

Google’s latest “moonshot” project is a modular phone called Project Ara. Modular devices are not exactly a new technology, but here’s why a modular smartphone is important in this day and age. Big companies can afford to lose money on experiments and projects. Take Apple and Google, for example, with their billions of dollars in

ZTE Grand Memo hardware confusion cleared

Mobile World Congress is the most exciting event for mobile phone enthusiasts. Several manufacturers launched impressive smartphones, and one smartphone which intrigued me was the Grand Memo. The Grand Memo is coming from ZTE, a popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer. ZTE is known for producing range of high quality smartphones and ZTE Grand Memo is a

Motorola Atrix 4G And Photon 4G May Not Get Android 4.0 ICS

Smartphone updates have been completely ridiculous coming from Motorola as of late. Motorola has even reiterated that after the company retracted numerous promises regarding upgrades. The new timeline that’s been released shows that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is being pushed to the DROID XYBOARD 8.2, DROID Bionic and Motorola Xoom Family Edition in the

User Agent Profile Shows More Info On Rumored Samsung Device

A certain Samsung device has surfaced once again. If you remember from last month, there was a mention of a fairly mysterious Samsung GT-i9260, which was supposed to be and originally believed to be a successor to the current Galaxy Nexus handset. That isn’t likely to happen right now, but what is likely is a

Is Amazon Working On A Quasi-Android Phone Too?

We all know that Google is responding to Amazon and the Kindle Fire with their own Nexus tablet later this summer. They are expected to introduce an Android powered tablet, designed to be a consumption device at a price point similar to the Kindle Fire. Google doesn’t make any money from the Kindle Fire, except