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Happy Holidays

Carly And Over 100 Choir Singers In Magenta Dresses Take Over Mall For T-Mobile’s Holiday Greeting

T-Mobile shows again that while their merger with AT&T is in complete chaos and turmoil, things are business as usual at big magenta. Of course during the holiday season that means big celebrations, big things and lots of fun.

A few weeks ago we started seeing tweets, and lots of them, from various people in the Chicago area who said they were working on a T-Mobile commercial. The variety and sheer number of different people tweeting about this T-Mobile shoot meant something big was happening.

While it looks like T-Mobile won’t be merging anytime soon we’ve said time and time again one of the biggest things that we would miss about T-Mobile was the fun. T-Mobile throws industry, media and customer appreciation events like no other company in the wireless industry. The holidays is no different.

Sure shutting down a mall, hiring hundreds of choir singers and writing a 3:48 song just for Carly to say “Happy Holidays From T-Mobile” may be a bit much but it’s refreshing this time of year and something only the fun department at T-Mobile could engineer.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays from T-Mobile