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Google apparently releasing a new messaging client with chatbots

A recent rumor spoke of how #Google #Hangouts could lose its ability to send and receive SMSes. It is now being said that Google could be looking towards releasing a new messaging client, with the chat bots functionality in tow. This would allow users to ask questions from the bots and get results directed from Google

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Google Hangouts could lose SMS and MMS functionality soon: Rumor

If a new rumor is anything to go by, the #GoogleHangouts application could soon lose support for SMS and MMS. As we know, the app started supporting text messages quite a long time ago. Most users are using Hangouts as their default SMS application right now, so this could disappoint those users. However, given that

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Hangouts 5.1 update now live [Download]

#Google recently sent out a massive update to #Hangouts which introduced an all new UI and brought some other features to the app. The Mountain View giant has just sent out yet another update to the app which introduces a couple of bug fixes on board and also introduces what appears to be accessibility and user interface

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Hangouts 5.0 update now officially available

#Google #Hangouts on iOS has already received the coveted version 5.0 update recently. However, #Android users were sadly left out in the dark. But that changes today with the official update now available for download through the Play Store or via APK sideloading, which will bring some new features to the popular IM app from

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Hangouts 5.0 update could be available today with a revamped design

With today being Wednesday (as in, Update Wednesday), there’s speculation that #Google might officially send out the #Hangouts 5.0 update for Android devices. This update will change the design to a great extent and also bring forth some nifty features that should make usage a lot more streamlined and better. GIFs should start working better

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Tip: You can beam your Hangouts call from one device to another using NFC

With #Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, #Google officially offered software support for the NFC feature with the ability to beam content to other devices. And today, five major iterations later, we’re seeing excellent utilization of the feature within one of Google’s core apps. It is found that users on a #Hangouts call can conveniently transfer

Hangouts Splits From Google+ On The Web

After splitting off Photos from Google+ earlier this year, Google is now doing the same with Hangouts on the web. Now, instead of having to go through either Google+ or Gmail, you can just head to the main site. The new site gives some easy access to all of their Google contacts and various ways to

New security vulnerability ‘Stagefright’ spotted on Android

Security on Android has always been a hotly debated topic. While Google has done its fair share to curb this menace, there’s no denying that hackers are still finding ways to find security loopholes on Android. The co-author of Android Hacker’s Handbook and a security researcher at Zimperium, Joshua Drake mentions that the Hangouts application on Android has

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Google Hangouts now has 1 billion pre-installs

Google Hangouts has joined the elite list of Google apps that have surpassed the 1 billion installs mark. While the likes of Gmail, YouTube etc have already crossed the 1 billion installs mark, Hangouts was yet to breach the magical figure. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to the users as Hangouts is now pre-installed

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Update to Google Search lets you send Hangouts messages using voice

Voice commands on Google is already capable of performing quite a few tasks. And a new update to Google Search includes the ability to send voice messages to Hangouts contacts. Users were previously able to open voice search and send SMS and make voice calls, but not send messages on Hangouts. This applies even if you’re