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Red HTC One On Sale at UK Retail Site


When HTC announced their latest flagship device, HTC One, the company had said that the device would only be available in silver and black. But today, to our surprise, a UK retailer has listed a red version of the device on their website. Now, this is more surprising as during the launch when rumors of a red version of the device were up on the internet, HTC outrightly denied them.

red htc one


Earlier when the device was launched, a red color version of the device was spotted on HTC’s website and we became pretty excited too but were later on informed that it was a mistake by one of their coders. Now when the red version is actually up on a retailer website we are not quite sure whether it’s real or not.

A splash of red would indeed look good on the sleek device and we would really love to have red as an option. Moreover, seeing that the original version on HTC website and the current version up on the handtec website are quite similar, we feel that this device may actually be real.

However, unless and until HTC announces a red version of the device or the retailer starts shipping red HTC One’s, we can’t really prove that the listed device is legit.

Anyways stay tuned to this post for more updates on the red HTC One.

via: [Phandroid]

HTC Runnymede To Be Called HTC Bass

At the end of August we started hearing rumors about the HTC Runnymede a new HTC Android phone with a big picture and a big sound. Rumor has it that the HTC Runnymede will rock a 4.7″ screen making it larger than the Samsung Galaxy S II.  On top of that, it’s expected that the HTC Runnymede will be the first HTC phone to be packaged with Beats By Dre sound technology.

According to a listing on Handtec’s website ( a British retailer) the device also sports a 1.5ghz single core processor.  This retailer is reporting the phone with the same specs as the rumored Runnymede, is now called the HTC Bass, which as the flagship phone for Beats By Dre, makes good sense.

Source: Handtec via AC