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Hands On With The HTC One X

Introduction to HTC’s One X

HTC has actually come up with a great plan to get themselves back on track, after the poor 2011 sales of HTC handsets. The plan was to create a line-up of devices that would intrigue the world. HTC simply came up with the One X, One S and One V and announced them at MWC. The One X being one of the first ever quad-core handsets, was originally leaked as the HTC Endeavour.

The One X offers allot more than just its 4 core’s, because we get an updated 8- megapixel camera, and a stunning poly-carbonate uni-body. We happened to bag ourselves a pre-release demo unit of the One X, so we could give you our hands on review, courtesy of Vodafone- UK.

HTC’s initial target for 2012 is to bring unique and user-friendly handsets to the mass market, and they have done that very well thus far. Since I removed the One X from its packaging, I quickly fell in love with it, probably due to its executive looks. Our model which is locked to Vodafone, just happened to be the white model, and personally I prefer the One X in white. This is mainly because it looks fashionable compared to the dusty gray versions. I’m no fashion guru, but I know that the white color could also be a perfect match for females who desire the ultimate beast of a Smartphone, which is the One X of course.

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