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Intel Develops Hand Gesture Security Feature To Replace Passwords

Remembering passwords for various websites could be a thing of the past for mobile devices. Intel has developed a new prototype technology that uses hand gestures for security instead of passwords.

Intel recognizes that remembering passwords can be a tedious thing, especially with the many services that users subscribe to today such as banks, social networks, and e-mail. These various services often have different rules on selecting passwords, which can confuse consumers.

Intel’s response to this problem is biometrics. Through a biometrics sensor that recognizes the veins on a palm, users can simply wave a hand over a tablet with special software. The sensor will then recognize the user and connect him or her to online services. In other words, it will be the tablet which will identify the user instead of the websites of the online services.

One advantage of this security feature is that it will not demand new types of chips to be created. What needs to be created, however, are biometric sensors as well as the software that will be responsible for the identification.

To add security, the mobile devices that would feature the innovation would make use of the accelerometer. This will tell the device if the person has put the tablet down and is thus no longer using the service. This action would automatically prompt the tablet to log off from the online services.

Intel has already demonstrated the biometrics-based innovation during Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner’s keynote address. Rattner is head of Intel Labs, the department which comes up with solutions to technology-related concerns. Other examples of prototype technology that Rattner previewed are one which wirelessly connects devices to peripherals, a microchip that has digital, instead of analog Wi-Fi circuitry, and lastly, one that enhances mobile phone base stations.

Intel has plans of collaborating with service providers to eventually spread the word about this new technology. In the meantime, it continues to develop the biometrics-based innovation.

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