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Smartisan OS For Smartphones Launched By Hammer Technologies

Is the market ready to accommodate another smartphone operating system?  We’ve already got the big players such as Android and iOS with Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry also occupying their own niche of the mobile market. Then there’s also the upcoming Firefox OS from Mozilla that’s expected to run on devices next year.

smartisan os

Hammer Technologies of China wants to introduce a new smartphone OS called Smartisan OS. Technically speaking though, it’s really not a new OS as it is based on Android with a redesigned user interface and core apps. It’s going to be compatible with Xiaomi and Meizu smartphones as well as the newer models from HTC and Samsung.

This isn’t the first time that a Chinese company has introduced something like this as we have already seen MIUI do the same.

Smartisan OS is described as drawing its inspiration from iPhone. This means that it will more or less function the same way as an iOS device. The developers explained that it will however use fewer icons per screen and there will be no accompanying text on the icons.

Luo Yonghao, CEO of the company, explained several cool features of Smartisan including the option to select a 3 second delay when sending text messages. This allows you to cancel out any wrongly sent or embarrassing messages.

Yonghao further said that “Our objective is to kill off Apple eventually.” This is a pretty tall from a company that’s still about to release their software but then in the mobile world everything is possible.

The beta version of Smartisan will be available for download this coming June 15. The company also plans to roll out their own hardware early next year. Yonghao announced “Only our own hardware is good enough for our software, and only our software is good enough for our hardware.”

Critics have called the plan of Hammer Technologies CEO ambitious. Zhu Weilian, CEO of Rainstorm Recreations, even wrote that “I don’t think much of Luo Yonghao’s Hammer Technologies. My feeling is that most products that depend so much on promotion don’t succeed. Products that are actually good depend not on word-of-mouth promotion but on the user experience. Technology wins over users, while fast talking only results in fiction. If I’m wrong, I’ll personally buy 100 of those Hammer Technologies phones myself to give to my fans.”

The only way to see if Smartisan OS is really as good as they say it is by testing it out this coming June 15.

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