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Life Size Nexus S At Best Buy Rooted By Halfcab123

Ok so rooting a Nexus S is no big deal, after all it’s the follow up developer phone to the original HTC/Google Nexus One. In other words this phone is supposed to be easy to root.  However it’s not so easy to root when the Nexus S is four feet tall and displayed in a Best Buy Mobile SWAS in a full big box Best Buy.

The story goes that Halfcab123’s personal Nexus S would not turn on when he woke up on the last day of his return window. So he went ahead and took the phone to Best Buy to get repaired. Luckily he and the Best Buy Geek Squad guy found out that he hadn’t charged it correctly, he says something like he fell asleep and the phone fell off the charger, no big deal.  However Halfcab123 felt the need to kill some time and what better way to do it than to root the life sized Nexus S.

I believe it was Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch that revealed when these big Nexus S’ started showing up in Best Buys, that the giant display is actually an extension of a regular sized Nexus S and fully functional to boot.  So Halfcab123 went about the normal method of rooting and as you can see from the video Super User has appeared and the Nexus S at his Best Buy is now rooted.

Source: HalfCab’s Youtube channel   via Android Pit