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Hackers post over 4.6 million Snapchat user data online

Last week, we spoke of a deadly exploit on Snapchat which allowed third party sources with malicious intentions to hack and access user information, including personal phone numbers. However, the Snapchat team was not too serious about it and denied those claims. But now, in order to gain their attention and prove the original point,


Sky’s Android apps hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army has been a rather hostile thorn in the side of Twitter, in the past few weeks the hacking collective have taken over different media outlets and trolled the many Twitter followers. For the most part, the SEA seems to be quite effective when taking over media outlets, but the messages sent

Researchers Uncover The Reason Behind Cybercrimes

There is no doubt that the cases of cybercrimes are increasing in number as years go by. In The 2012 Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) published by Verizon, there were 855 incidents of corporate data theft and around 174 million records were affected by the hacking events. The figures do not even include personal hacking

Twitter Hires iOS, Android Hacker Charlie Miller

Twitter recently added a new recruit to its security team. Charlie Miller, a popular figure among hackers, broke the news via his Twitter account, saying, “Monday I start on the security team at Twitter. Looking forward to working with a great team there!” Unfortunately, Miller says in an interview with both CNET and Forbes that

And Universal Music Is Down Again Thanks To Anonymous

The hacktivist group Anonymous is back at it again. They’re all riled up right now because of SOPA, PIPA and Kim Dotcom (Mega Upload). Anonymous is looking to bring as much attention as possible to the rights that Americans can loose if laws like SOPA and PIPA are passed. They’re also bringing to light the