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Serial Hackers on the loose

Microsoft has confirmed in what is a disturbing but not unexpected revelation that its systems have been breached into, and that is another victim of the increasing number of hack attacks. The Mac software business units in Microsoft were the targets this time. The company has confirmed that a very small number of PC’s were

Use A Kinect To Control Your Galaxy Nexus?

Not everyone would be able to do something as geekily amazing as controlling their Samsung Galaxy Nexus with an Xbox Kinect and a projector but an Android developer has done just that. Colin Edwards, who goes by the name, DDRBoxman, was looking for a way to build a giant touch screen with a Kinect.  That’s

And Universal Music Is Down Again Thanks To Anonymous

The hacktivist group Anonymous is back at it again. They’re all riled up right now because of SOPA, PIPA and Kim Dotcom (Mega Upload). Anonymous is looking to bring as much attention as possible to the rights that Americans can loose if laws like SOPA and PIPA are passed. They’re also bringing to light the

From The Don’t F- With Anonymous Files, Sort Of…

Thedroidguy’s west coast editor Brent F reported earlier this weekend that the hacktivist group calling themselves Anonymous, was a little upset with San Francisco’s BART service. BART made headline news on Thursday when they opted to shut down cellular service in certain stations to prevent an uprising that was reportedly being planned for the civic

LulzSec Taking Your Requests At 614-LULZSEC

From the Holy Poop Batman File… LulzSec your friendly neighborhood hacker of the month is known for their hacking of PBS, Sony Music, The government and an FBI partner in Atlanta.  Now they’re taking requrests at 614-LULZSEC. We realize at printing time this phone number may be taken down but that is the number the

Lulz Security Takes FBI Partner In Atlanta

You must have heard of Lulz Security by now. Lulz Security is the team of hackers responsible for some of the PSN hacks, the X-Factor hack, PBS, several hacks of Sony Entertainment and now they’ve turned to an FBI partner company based in Atlanta. InfraGard Atlanta is described by Yahoo London as  a “public-private partnership

Verizon Joins The Likes Of Best Buy And Others In Epsilon Data Breach

Verizon has informed their customers yesterday that their email addresses, and presumably names, were compromised in the Epsilon data breach over the weekend. Epsilon, one of the largest data clearing houses in the world, was hacked over the weekend and names and email addresses were compromised.  Just how big is this data breach? All things