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Serial Hackers on the loose


Microsoft has confirmed in what is a disturbing but not unexpected revelation that its systems have been breached into, and that is another victim of the increasing number of hack attacks. The Mac software business units in Microsoft were the targets this time. The company has confirmed that a very small number of PC’s were compromised in that BU. Allaying fears, Microsoft has confirmed to media and users alike that no customer data was compromised.

The number of such incidents has risen since last year and startling reports from antivirus giant McAfee reveal that the number of Trojans devised to steal passwords has risen up to 72 percent in the last quarter of 2012. The largest social network in existence today, Facebook also reported very recently that it was the victim of malicious software, triggering widespread panic across the world about the amount of sensitive data and pictures that have been compromised. Facebook has assured all users that their information uploaded on the site remains secure. Apple has similarly released a statement saying that very few computers were hacked into and no sensitive data was retrieved. The malware that gained access to Apple’s computers was traced back to a website targeting iPhone developers. In addition to technology giants Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have also confirmed security breaches.

Companies that have not yet been hit are beefing up digital and personnel security to monitor and prevent any unauthorized access to systems. Employees are required to follow strict rules to prevent password theft and other forms of data access. Whether it is the same individual or group that is mounting these attacks remains to be seen, but with successful perimeter breaches, cyber law enforcement is under high pressure to catch these troublemakers.

Use A Kinect To Control Your Galaxy Nexus?

Not everyone would be able to do something as geekily amazing as controlling their Samsung Galaxy Nexus with an Xbox Kinect and a projector but an Android developer has done just that. Colin Edwards, who goes by the name, DDRBoxman, was looking for a way to build a giant touch screen with a Kinect.  That’s how he came up with the idea to incorporate the Kinect, the projector and the Galaxy Nexus.

Although it’s a lot more complicated than this, dumbing it down here’s what Edwards did.

– First he had to rebuild a version of Android so that instead of touch/user input, the Android device would take TUIO commands from the Kinect.

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And Universal Music Is Down Again Thanks To Anonymous

The hacktivist group Anonymous is back at it again. They’re all riled up right now because of SOPA, PIPA and Kim Dotcom (Mega Upload). Anonymous is looking to bring as much attention as possible to the rights that Americans can loose if laws like SOPA and PIPA are passed. They’re also bringing to light the fact that businesses like Mega Upload can be shut down with or without SOPA or PIPA.

SOPA and PIPA have been temporarily halted. Of course Congress can reintroduce the legislation under another guise or try for SOPA and PIPA later when the undercurrent and murmur dies down but it’s not likely.

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From The Don’t F- With Anonymous Files, Sort Of…


Thedroidguy’s west coast editor Brent F reported earlier this weekend that the hacktivist group calling themselves Anonymous, was a little upset with San Francisco’s BART service.

BART made headline news on Thursday when they opted to shut down cellular service in certain stations to prevent an uprising that was reportedly being planned for the civic center BART stop in San Francisco.  Citizens of San Francisco have been reacting to a BART police involved shooting on July 3, 2011. BART officer James Crowell shot a 45 year old transient man wielding a knife at the civic center station.

The source for BART’s tip to a August 11th protest is unclear but BART acting on this information decided to shut down cell service to prevent potential protesters from organizing via cell phone.

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Rio, we have a problem… DefCon has officially made its mark on your hotel[UPDATE]

Reports are coming in the both registrations, as well as ATM’s are down throughout the Rio hotel. While this may not have been any news as computers are always going down, when it did raises some questions. Rio hotel is now hosting DefCon19 in which hackers from across the world all come for the weekend. Reports are that over 15,000 have made the trip to Las Vegas for the weekend making it the largest DefCon ever. With so many hackers in one place – are we even surprised this has happened?

No word yet back from the Rio management when we reached out to them. We are on the ground in Las Vegas, hopefully they’ll comment soon.


Now we are witnessing and hearing reports that more things are down. Here is a list so far.

  • Registration
  • Hotel Sound System(was hacked, A/V guys where locked out of fixing it)
  • Vending Machines
  • Slot Machines
  • ATMs

On side note, I refuse to take any elevators while here at the Rio fearing I’ll get stuck in one if/when they get hacked into. I’m guessing that Rio never thought this would be that bad.

Anonymous & LulzSec Teaming Up For One Last Horah Against Paypal, Operation PayBack Resumes as #OpPaypal

The official Anonymous IRC Chat has come alive tonight as two of the largest “gray hacker” groups, LulzSec and Anonymous are teaming up for one last voyage.  They have their eyes set on Paypal and seem to be trying multiple fronts of disruption against the world’s largest online payment handler.

In Lulzsec’s note, pasted below the break, they warn

We’ve set our LulzCannon’s sights on the smarmy pirates of PayPal and will take no prisoners. They have not kept their most important booty safe. We find this very troubling, as it is not even their booty! Take this as a warning from your friendly LulzBoat captain. Wise little LulzLizards should withdraw their funds from PayPal before we do.

The Anonymous and LulzSec community are up in arms over reports that were revealed today in Dallas about how the FBI obtained warrants against several of their members. The most recent warrants were served last week when 14 hackers identified as being part of the Anonymous group, and allegedly involved in Denial Of Service attacks on Paypal last December.

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LulzSec Taking Your Requests At 614-LULZSEC

From the Holy Poop Batman File…

LulzSec your friendly neighborhood hacker of the month is known for their hacking of PBS, Sony Music, The government and an FBI partner in Atlanta.  Now they’re taking requrests at 614-LULZSEC. We realize at printing time this phone number may be taken down but that is the number the hacker group had put on it’s website inviting anonymous fans to suggest targets of their next big hack.

After holding an event called “Titanic Takeover Tuesday” LulzSec posted the number on their twitter feed accepting requests for their next target.  Prior to the phone number Titanic Takeover yielded hacks of The Escapist, Finfisher and the login servers of Minecraft, League of Legends and EVE online.

According to LulzSec they received over 5,000 missed calls and 2500 voice mails a few hours after posting the phone number.

LulzSec is taunting authorities with their most recent actions. Wonder what’s next?

Source: PCWorld

Lulz Security Takes FBI Partner In Atlanta

You must have heard of Lulz Security by now. Lulz Security is the team of hackers responsible for some of the PSN hacks, the X-Factor hack, PBS, several hacks of Sony Entertainment and now they’ve turned to an FBI partner company based in Atlanta.

InfraGard Atlanta is described by Yahoo London as  a “public-private partnership devoted to sharing information about threats to the U.S. physical and Internet infrastructure”. Wait a second did they say that InfrafGard shares information about threats against the US Internet infrastructure? And they got hacked by Lulz Security?

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Verizon Joins The Likes Of Best Buy And Others In Epsilon Data Breach

Verizon has informed their customers yesterday that their email addresses, and presumably names, were compromised in the Epsilon data breach over the weekend. Epsilon, one of the largest data clearing houses in the world, was hacked over the weekend and names and email addresses were compromised.  Just how big is this data breach? All things digital’s Ina Fried summed it up best when she said “If you shop anywhere, you are probably a victim”.

In their email to customers Verizon went on to explain that they would never ask for a customer’s personal information and to be leery of phishing scams. They let customers know if they feel like they’ve been part of a phishing scam to email [email protected]

Verizon joins the likes of Best Buy, Capital One, Citi, Barclays, Target, The Limited Group and many many more hit by this Epsilon hack over the weekend.

source: PC Mag