HTC HD2 boots Windows Phone 8!

The HTC HD2 is a great smartphone and was launched around 3 years ago running Windows Mobile 6.5. Of course Windows Mobile 6.5 devices weren’t upgraded to Windows Phone 7 which indeed changed the game for Microsoft and gave rise to an all new mobile operating system. HTC HD2 has been subject to various hacks

iPhone 6s Android

Slightly complex hack brings Android to an iPhone 6s

Not many will be familiar with the work of hacker/developer Nick Lee. Recently, he managed to run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch. Why? Well, because he could. Plus it’s always nice to tinker around with hardware and software to give people a taste of what is otherwise considered impossible or unlikely. He’s at it

Over 15 million customers affected by the T-Mobile/Experian data breach

#TMobile and #Experian have announced that a massive data breach has compromised vital user information like names, addresses and social security numbers (even despite encryption). It is said that nearly 15 million customers of the carrier are impacted by this, which will surely lead to some sleepless nights for the higher ups in the company as

Android 5.0 screen unlock hack leaves customers worried

#Android smartphones have a variety of display locking/unlocking methods with pattern locking being one of the most popular. A few researchers at the University of Texas have now found a major loophole in Android 5.0 running devices that could let anybody through the pattern lock screen within a matter of few minutes. It is found that

galaxy s3 passcode

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 Passcode

Forgetting the Samsung Galaxy S3 passcode can be such a pain. This is because you will lose the ability to operate your phone. However, losing or forgetting your Galaxy S3 passcode shouldn’t be a big problem because there is actually an easy way to reset it. All you have to do is follow the steps

Facebook Reports They Were Hacked

Another high profile company can now be added to the long list of companies that experienced hacking attacks. Facebook just reported that they were hit by what they call as a “sophisticated attack” last month. This happened when a couple of their employees visited a mobile version of a developer website that was compromised. The

Android’s pattern lock bypassed without root

Android offers several ways to lock the smartphone and most notable ones include pattern lock, PIN and the new FaceLock on Android 4.0 ICS and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. FaceLock, however, was found to be vulnerable soon after the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich as it authenticates even if a picture of owner is shown

Anonymous: Facebook Is Going Down November 5th

The interwebs have been reporting today that the hacktivist group that calls itself Anonymous has another major target in their cross hares. That site is Facebook.  According to CNET and other sources, Anonymous has several reasons they are targeting the largest social network in the world. Facebook, with a reported 750 million users has apparently

Lulz Security Takes FBI Partner In Atlanta

You must have heard of Lulz Security by now. Lulz Security is the team of hackers responsible for some of the PSN hacks, the X-Factor hack, PBS, several hacks of Sony Entertainment and now they’ve turned to an FBI partner company based in Atlanta. InfraGard Atlanta is described by Yahoo London as  a “public-private partnership

Latest Adobe Flash Security Flaw Is Not Android Specific

Pocketnow is running a story about vulnerabilities that Adobe found in their latest release of Adobe Flash. The vulnerability that Adobe found in Flash Player and earlier versions affects Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris and Android. Although the big red Android with the flash logo on the front may lead some to believe that this

Security: Hackers Release Fake Android Market Security Tool

Top online and mobile security company Symantec has discovered a new dangerous malware lurking in a third party Chinese android market.  The “Android Market Security Tool” is a repackaged clone of the original Android Market Security Tool which was released to remove malware from DroidDream infected devices. The fake Android Market Security Tool is able

Breaking Tech News: Walgreens Reports Email Data Breach

Michael Polzin, a spokesperson for national drug store chain, Walgreens, has said that an email list of customers who receive special offers has been breached.  The good thing is it was only email addresses. Polzin fears that the list may have been used to direct customers to another website seeking personal information. Polzin reiterrated that

Cyanogen 6.1.0 RC1 Update goes live

By: Jamie Ivy, Special Contributor to After his official website has been MIA since mid September, Cyanogen has burst back onto the scene with his latest release CM 6.1.0 RC. With a user base approaching a quarter of a million users, this looks to be one of the most highly anticipated ROM updates to

I-Tunes Hacked Again

Do you remember oh about 6 months ago when that one Rogue banking app made it to the Android Market and was abruptly shut down? Do you remember how all the Apple Fan Boys were quick to say that the precious Iphone/Itunes App Store never got hacked (I wish you could have heard my voice