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Huawei GX8

Huawei GX8 selling with a $120 discount over at Best Buy

Huawei’s¬†#GX8 smartphone can now be acquired for a sizable discount over at Best Buy. The retailer is waiving off $120 on the asking price, bringing the cost down to just $229.99. If you’re wondering, the Huawei GX8 is an amazing value for this price, especially considering what it brings to the table. The smartphone was

Huawei GX8

[Deal] Unlocked Huawei GX8 for $299

The #HuaweiGX8 smartphone is now available for purchase on Amazon for just $299. The listing claims that this is a $50 savings on the original asking price, which makes it a pretty attractive proposition for interested buyers. We saw a similar deal on the Nexus 6P earlier today, so it seems to be a common

Huawei GX8

[Deal] Unlocked Huawei GX8 smartphone for $299 ($50 off)

Huawei’s latest mid-range offering meant for the American markets, the #GX8 is now available from Amazon for just $299, which is a $50 discount on the original asking price. The smartphone comes with a premium looking metal design and an attractive feature set on board, making it a very good value at $299. However, the

Huawei GX8

Huawei GX8 now available for purchase in the U.S.

The #HuaweiGX8 smartphone has just been released in the U.S. officially carrying a price tag of $349.99. The smartphone was announced to be released in the U.S. in February and the company has brought it to the region right on cue. If you’re wondering, the smartphone comes with all the bells and whistles to justify

Huawei GX8

Huawei bringing the GX8 smartphone to the U.S. for $349.99

#Huawei originally unveiled the #GX8 smartphone back in September 2015 and the device has been available in regions of Europe and other parts of the world since then. The company has now officially announced the handset for the U.S. with an asking price of $349.99. The Huawei GX8 comes with a 5.5 inch 1080p display,