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Review: Cytus — The Best Guitar Hero Game On Mobile Devices

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, $1.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Cytus is one of those games you can’t just put down and definitely cannot forget about. Developer Rayark truly has designed the most cutting edge Guitar Hero like game for both Android and iOS devices. If anything is the best rythm game on the Android market, Cytus is it. With beautiful art, sound and beats all in one package with up to 18+ songs with 36 different variations Cytus is the most awesome music game on Android. I’d even argue that it’s better than some of the Guitar Hero games if you want to compare visual effects and such.

Cytus has lots of different variations of music you can choose from. Some of these variations include: Pop, Jazz, Trance, Hardcore, Drum ‘n Bass and much, much more. Cytus feels a lot like a very Japanese-like game, which I may be wrong about, but it is the best music game I have ever played nonetheless. I have sunk so many hours into this game it’s not even funny, I was getting a serious addiction to it. The game pulls you in. It gets your hooked, addicted, even. The music is so amazing, soothing and sometimes very upbeat it becomes very hard to put down, at least until all your battery life is gone and it shuts off on you. I play this game on the Atrix 2 and have tested it on the iPod Touch, both Operating Systems work wonderfully with the game. It really is outstanding.

Some devices this game won’t work well with because of how much is always going on in the screen. It’s been known to work very well with many devices though, so chances of it not stabilizing well are very minimal. Stability is often not a issue as the game is for Android 2.2 and up. It has not been optimized or built for anything lower.

Upon installing the game, it literally took me less than three minutes that I wanted the full version. The game is wonderful, visually and beautiful. The amount of quality content the game contains is massive. If you’re looking for a good rhythm game with some really awesome beats by the company. Also, there’s about 18 different songs in the game, but if you get a score of C with at least a 700,000 score on each song new songs will unlock for you to play. This is the reason why the game boasts a 79MB download.

Cytus also runs alongside OpenFeint, a popular social platform to integrate social networking into Android and iOS games. Thus, Cytus has a leaderboard that you can go up against trying to get the best all time score. I love it when games integrate OpenFeint, it creates a lot more competition and overall a more exciting experience than what your standard game would offer you. This also means developers would have to put in more work to make sure OpenFeint works with their game, but when that work is put in it adds to the overall quality of that game. In this case, Cytus, has done a fantastic job with using that social platform.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful. All of it is hand-drawn by the very talented artists over at Rayark. All of the hand-drawn artwork is displayed in the images of this review if you’re looking for a sample of it. Honestly, I have never seen such beautiful graphics in my life. Not to even mention that it’s all drawn by hand, can’t even imagine how much work that would of taken. If for the artwork alone, the game is worth the $1.99.

Ah, finally, to the core of the game. The sound. The sound is obviously the most important part of Cytus as it is a music based rythm game. I can’t even begin to explain how good the sound is. With all the different genre’s and types of music along with its variations its simply beautiful. Then when you add in all the beats you have to follow with your fingers on your mobile device everything is clashing together making for a absolutely beautiful game. The sound quality is excellent. Though. some devices like the Eee Pad Transformer TF101 makes the game sound terrible. If you’re running a Transformer Prime, Atrix 2 or any of the newer devices that have released recently, you’ll be experiencing some dang good quality.

You’ve probably heard things better on the PC or some really sick headphones but for Android and iOS devices you’re going to have to admit that this is probably some of the best quality that your going to get out of the game. Especially for only $2, it’s worth your money. It’s jam packed with content and currently the only complaint is from the people who have finished the game begging for more songs. I mean literally,begging. Here’s an example:

“I’ve been looking for a good rhythm game and I thought at one point that I found that game. Until I played this game on my brother’s I pod that I had to get this game and fingers crossed it was on the android market! Xperia ray user here and it runs well, and it does jitter during the first run of a song but once that song is replayed the jitter seems to disappear. By far this is my favourite rhythm game, try the trial out and I’m sure you’ll agree. Now we just need some more songs please, developers!” – Julius

“It took me less then 3 minutes before I bought the full version. This game is a wonderful visually beautiful game with awesome music. If you have played DJ Max Tecnica at an arcade, then this is the home version with slightly different but still satisfying game play. I hope the developers get more awesome music and continue to add and refine this game over time, however I’m so happy that they developed this game. :D” – Taropsyche

“I’ve been looking for a game like this and it was an instant purchase after trying a song. Everything about this game is just extremely well done. Love the music selections too. Looking forward to more downloadable music. The game runs extremely smooth on my HTC One X as well. Excellent job devs!” – Kevein

And…onto the final verdict of Cytus by developer Rayark Inc…


The graphics on this game are as I said, simply amazing. All the artwork drawn by hand is beautiful making it obvious that the artists that designed it all are very talented. Some people may complain that they are static images and not animated, but honestly, the hand drawn art fits the style of the game very well and adds to the experience. All the different genre’s of music along with the art almost put it in a theme and a different theme for each song. Almost like a world your mind escapes to.

These are stunning graphics. You should agree with me as the screenshots included in this review are High-Res and are taken straight out of Cytus with no added photoshopping to make it look different than what the game looks like. If you enjoy hand drawn art, I would suggest taking a look inside Cytus, you will literally fall in love.


The sound is obviously the most important part of Cytus as the game is one of the best music games ever to be released on Android. It’s going to take a lot of talent and competition to even compare with this hit title. Along with the talented artists at Rayark, the sound engineers are brilliant too. I fell in love with the games music, it’s very hard to explain why, but with all the different variations of music I loved the games sounds. It really is going to be hard for other developers to compete with Cytus.

Quality wise? I loved it. It sounded great on my Atrix 2 and it also sounds very good on the iPod Touch. It’s kinda hard to explain how the quality works but because of some of the tablets being larger and sometimes the sound card isn’t that great, the quality of the game may not sound as good on a tablet. Also, some tablets don’t have surround sound like a lot of devices today, so that would also add to it.

Still, it’s worth getting even if you won’t have the “ultimate” experience.


The gameplay is a lot like Guitar Hero. Except because its on an Android device you’re going to be trying to keep up with it all by touching. So it’s similar to Guitar Hero but also has its own uniqueness. There are two different types of levels. Easy and Hard. Easy, you’ll get to listen to the song, but it won’t feel as intense or as fast. When selecting hard you’ll feel like it rushed by so fast that you had no idea what just happened or what’s going on. Which can be bad at times, but at the same time, some songs aren’t as fast like that, so you’ll still get to hear some of the great music.

The gameplay is fun and well worth your time. Music Hero, was my last review and that game was not worth your time. It was essentially supposed to be a copy off of Cytus, it seemed but was absolute junk. Why it has so many rave reviews, I don’t know. But Cytus blows that game out of the water, it makes it look terrible. Heck, Cytus makes any music game look terrible. I hope that we’ll see some updates for it. Everyone and I mean everyone want’s more songs for the game.

That’s really what’s lacking. Yeah, there is 18 songs along with some unlockable ones, but it would be amazing if they added more. The songs add so much to the game, I can’t believe they haven’t added more yet, especially with how many people are requesting them. Maybe they’re working on them, possibly? Who knows, but still, the songs are great, the tapping works super well and I haven’t found a glitch yet. Glitches in this game would be terrible to find, just because of how the gameplay works, so I am very glad that they’ve made sure to get rid of those.


The game has a lot of replay value. The Easy and Hard modes should both be called Hard and Brutal because Easy isn’t very easy. These songs that Rayark has put into the game are difficult to get through and get a decent score with. That makes the game fun though, it’s also what offers it hours of extensive gameplay. It makes you want to keep coming back to get that top score. That’s just local scores, we haven’t even gotten to OpenFeint just yet.

OpenFeint is what does all the leaderboard statistics and such. If you get really into the game competing on online leaderboards is what’s going to help you keep playing. Especially trying to top the score. I haven’t used OpenFeint much with Cytus as I feel for me it’s not even worth trying to get to the top score because I just don’t play the game enough (but when I do, I never stop!) to make a dent. When I have used OpenFeint, it’s cool seeing your name up there and all the other players under you.

The people who are above your name, well, when you start playing actively, they become your enemy. You’ll never want to see their faces on that leaderboard again. That’s only for Cytus fanatics though. 🙂


Overall, I love the game. It’s great. Very well developed. I can’t wait to see more updates from Rayark, especially with the quality of the game. Cytus is actually the only game Rayark Inc has ever developed, so I wonder what they’re actually doing. I hope it’s more songs for the game or at least a new game like this game. I’m sure it’d get a huge following.



Try GluMobile’s Hit Titles On An Xperia Play At SXSW: Find Team #TDG

Members of Team TDG are on the streets of Austin Texas for South By Southwest 2011. What are we doing here? We’ll tell you now, and leave a little bit out for later but if you’re at South By Southwest in Austin right now we suggest you stay tuned to our twitter feed for details on even more excitement and fun with Glu Mobile

From Sunday to Wednesday look for Team TDG as we’ll be out all over the streets of Austin demoing the latest games from Glu Mobile including Gun Bros, Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter on the brand new, not yet released Sony Xperia Play find us and you can check it out for yourself.

We will also have some prizes to giveaway and a big announcement on Monday, or maybe Tuesday.

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Guns N Roses Falling Out Reaches Guitar Hero

Guns N Roses front man Axl Rose has filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit against Activision, creators of the ever so declining in popularity game, Guitar Hero. It’s widely known that Axl Rose and former GNR guitarist Saul Hudson, affectionately known as “Slash” have had a serious falling out. Now, that falling out has made it into Los Angeles Superior Court.

Rose claims that when he entered into a deal with Activision concerning the Guitar Hero franchise that no imagery of guitarist Slash was supposed to be associated with Guns N’Roses.  When he found out that Slash would be featured in animation in Guitar Hero 2, Rose allegedly rescinded his agreement with Activision.

The lawsuit says: ” began spinning a web of lies and deception to conceal its true intentions to not only feature Slash and VR prominently in ‘GH III,’ but also promote the game by emphasizing and reinforcing an association between Slash and Guns N Roses and the band’s song ‘Welcome to the Jungle,'”

Activision allegedly lied about Slash and it’s plans for him as a character in Guitar Hero, telling Rose it would only be in the tradeshow version and not the version released to the public.  Obviously Slash was featured in the worldwide release. The claim also says that “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was used in online advertising for Guitar Hero 3 even though Rose only licensed it for use in Guitar Hero 1

Rose’s lawyer, and prominent entertainment attorney, Skip Miller added “This lawsuit is about protecting Guns N’ Roses and ‘Welcome to the Jungle,’ and is about holding Activision accountable for its misuse of these incredibly valuable assets,”

Obviously Rose hasn’t tied any of his recent album sales to the once very succesful Guitar Hero franchise.

Just two years ago Guitar Hero was one of the best selling console games of all time, however the latest installment has only sold around 90,000 copies across all platforms to date

Source: Reuters.

Android weekend Rockers Get Ready! Glu brings Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock to Android

Can’t wait to get home from work to get your Guitar Hero fix? Not a problem anymore as GLU has brought “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock to the Android platform. Now you’ll have the familiarity of the Guitar Hero franchise in your Android handset and be able to keep your scores and challenge other players via Open Feint.

Warriors of rock features music from such rock staples as: Aerosmith, AFI, CCR, Night Ranger, Rolling Stones and many more.

The Android version features three types of play and is packed full of extras including an unlockable “Warrior” state that boosts special powers.

I need to jump off here now and download the app because im jonesing to play “Sister Christian” on My G2