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Rooted: Sony Google TV

If you own a Sony Google TV unit and you’ve been waiting patiently for root access, you may be in luck.¬† According to our friends at Droid-Life, the rooting process for the Google TV unit takes 4 USB memory sticks and some “GTV know how”, but if you’ve got both of those, you should be in luck.

Kellex over at Droid-Life sums it up best:

“It does involve flashing your system back to a vulnerable software release which then hijacks the upgrade back to a current version to give you a new kernel and root access. That was a mouthful.”

There is a complete walk through for those of you familiar with Google TV (or able to follow instructions), over at

Here’s what you get for your patience and rooting ability:

  • Modified flash plugin with random per box flash string for Content Provider Bypass.
  • Crippled update feature to prevent box from receiving automatic updates.
  • Completely RW system, cache, and rootfs partitions
  • Full ADB Root
  • Removed signature checks on kernel / init scripts / init binary
  • A few other surprises.
  • BETA: Enable NTFS Support for Sony Google TV devices (see wiki for instructions on how to add:¬† Sony NTFS)

source: GtvHacker via Droid-Life