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Gelaskins Helps You Wrap Your Tab!

While we were combing through our 8,432,321 CES conference requests we are constantly looking for products that may be in the I-Lounge or designed for iPhone that have hopes, plans or ideas to move over to Android as well. Every once in a while we catch a gem in the rough at not just CES

T-Mobile Best Place For Tablet Purchases, Says Analyst

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has made it’s appearance on all 4 carriers and the ipad is at 2 carriers, what is the best place to get a tablet and other data intensive devices like netbookd and internet cards? Well, according to Current Analysis’ Deepa Karthikeyan that place, in the United States, is T-Mobile!

Springpad Does More Than Note, It Helps You Remember

Springpad is catching on like wildfire. This app available as a web app, Android App, iPad App, iPhone App and GTab app picks up where simple note sync programs like Evernote stop.  Hundreds of thousands of people are taking advantage of this new free service (it’s more than an app) which does what it says,