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Guide To Android: Android Security

Whether you have a desktop, a netbook, laptop, or a smartphone you may have became aware that they are many threats that abound in the technology world we live in these days. These threats range from corrupt software, hackers, viruses, and plenty more. Recently, we reported on the increase in Android malware that has been found in the Android Market and according to a report from Juniper Networks these threats are going to raise. Now the question is how do Android users protect themselves from these threats. (more…)

Guide To Android: The Players, Sprint

Sprint is the third largest carrier in the United States and is owned and operated by the Sprint Nextel Corporation based out of Overland, Kansas. Sprint is also the only wireless provider to offer two networks, CDMA and iDEN.

Sprint Nextel Merger

In December 2004, Sprint and NEXTEL announced that they would merge to form the Sprint Nextel Corporation. At the time of the merger, Sprint and NEXTEL were the third and fifth largest carriers in the United States. It wasn’t in till August 3, 2005 that the FCC and the DOJ approved the merger between the two companies. On August 12, 2005, nine days after the merger was approved, Sprint Corporation and Nextel officially announced the Sprint Nextel Corporation.

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