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Qualcomm’s SWAGG App Put’s Gift Cards In Your Android Phone

Over the last year Qualcomm has really diversified it’s role in the mobile space. Of course everyone knows that Qualcomm makes processors but lately they’ve been partnering with App developers to optimize the use of their processors and in some cases have their own apps altogether. Outlier, a leading mobile commerce enabler, is one of

Shop Savvy Integrates Groupon For More Localized Deals

Our good friends at Big in Japan/Shop Savvy have made big news again as they are now integrating Groupon into their world famous barcode scanner app. Although there are plenty of apps popping up everyday, ones that have original functionality will trump the others. Shop Savvy is arguably the biggest barcode scanner app within the

Groupon Says No Deal to Google’s 6 Billion Dollar Offer

Mashable is reporting this evening that group deal site Groupon has rejected a $6 billion dollar buyout by Google. Google reportedly ponied up $5.3 billion dollars and coupled that with a $700 million dollar earn out. Groupon had a conference call with their board of directors who decided they were better off alone.  Groupon also

Did Google Buy Groupon This Weekend in Their Own Black Friday Deal?

Vatornews.TV is reporting on their website today that Google has closed the deal and purchased group discounting website for a reported 2.5 billion dollars.  Vator News cites a reliable but unamed source.  Requests for comment to Vator News, Mashable and have gone unanswered as of now (it is Sunday night Thanksgiving weekend) If