5 Best Coupon Apps For Android In 2020

Coupons help you get the best deals on products that you shop online or at stores, and with the best coupon apps for android, you get to save even much more money. The concept started several years ago but isn’t as relevant as it is now. There are coupons for practically everything today, allowing you

Nexus 7

2013 Nexus 7 can be yours for just $135 via Groupon

If you’re in the market for a budget tablet, you might want to look towards Groupon as the retailer is now offering the 2013 Nexus 7 for just $135. This is the entry level 16GB model of the tablet, but still a great value for a tablet which is still supported by Google with the

Ex Groupon CEO releasing an Album of Motivational Music

There been a lot of news about various companies getting into the music business lately but ex CEO of Groupon Andrew Mason is taking it to the next level, by release and album himself. The album will be full of motivational music for you prospective CEO’s, three months ago Mason was fired from the online

VP and GM of Groupon Goods Leaves for New Job

Faisal Masud, VP and GM of Groupon Goods, the e-commerce arm of Groupon, will be leaving the company later on in the month, his new job is unbeknownst to most and that has triggered a lot of speculation where a top level Groupon employee would go next. From Groupon to … Some source are indicating

Groupon Payments Comes To Android

Popular deal website Groupon has just updated their Android app by including the Groupon Payments feature. This will allow merchants to accept credit card payments at the lowest rates. The update makes this relatively new payment service be able to compete with Square, a popular payment service,  which has been in on Android since 2010.

Three Shopping Apps For Your Android Device

There are a lot of apps out there that will allow you to save money while your shopping. There are few that give you rewards for spending money at stores though. Not only that, but there are few apps that will easily help you find a better price and then order the item straight from

Review: Groupon

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free Download: Google Play | iTunes If you’re looking for an app that offers all the latest coupons and free offers you might be interested in checking out Groupon. Groupon is updated daily with new coupon and offers while also searching for offers near your location. In the case that

Google Offers App Now In Android Market

If you’re a hyper local based couponer (Grouponer for those not in the know) you’ve probably been craving Google Offers. Well great news for you, the Google Offers is now live and ready in the Android Market. With the Google Offers app you get hyper local offers, coupons, deals, whatever you want to call them.

Google’s LBS Google Offers Adds NYC And San Francisco

Earlier this year Google announced their Groupon competitor in their new Google Offers service. The service, which has been in BETA in Portland OR, is bringing both New York City and San Francisco on-line. Google Offers is another great Google product that will eventually be rolled into both Google Places and Google+ harnessing the power

AT&T Interactive To Take On Groupon

AT&T Interactive has really been trying to step up their game these days. Back in March at CTIA they held workshops for developers to get into using their directory API’s and location based services.  Now they’ve decided to offer yet another competitor to Groupon, Google’s new “offers” and Living Social. AT&T Interactive spokesperson Dawn Benton

Google Releases “Google Offers” To Beta

After a failed bid earlier in the year to buy location based mega discount giant, Groupon for $6 billion dollars, Google has finally released their LBS offer program to BETA. In true Google fashion, if you can’t buy them, copy them and hopefully beat them, Google has released the Beta in Portland with plans for

Bizzy Encourages Former Whrrl Users To Get Bizzy

Localization deal experts Groupon recently acquired the personalization and location based business recommendation site, Whrrl, and announced that they were shutting it down. When Whrrl came on the scene they were a location based service that prouded themselves on the anti-search and used very precise algorithms to serve up recommendations.  Whrrl creator and CEO Jeff

Qualcomm’s SWAGG App Put’s Gift Cards In Your Android Phone

Over the last year Qualcomm has really diversified it’s role in the mobile space. Of course everyone knows that Qualcomm makes processors but lately they’ve been partnering with App developers to optimize the use of their processors and in some cases have their own apps altogether. Outlier, a leading mobile commerce enabler, is one of

Shop Savvy Integrates Groupon For More Localized Deals

Our good friends at Big in Japan/Shop Savvy have made big news again as they are now integrating Groupon into their world famous barcode scanner app. Although there are plenty of apps popping up everyday, ones that have original functionality will trump the others. Shop Savvy is arguably the biggest barcode scanner app within the

Groupon Says No Deal to Google’s 6 Billion Dollar Offer

Mashable is reporting this evening that group deal site Groupon has rejected a $6 billion dollar buyout by Google. Google reportedly ponied up $5.3 billion dollars and coupled that with a $700 million dollar earn out. Groupon had a conference call with their board of directors who decided they were better off alone.  Groupon also

Did Google Buy Groupon This Weekend in Their Own Black Friday Deal?

Vatornews.TV is reporting on their website today that Google has closed the deal and purchased group discounting website Groupon.com for a reported 2.5 billion dollars.  Vator News cites a reliable but unamed source.  Requests for comment to Vator News, Mashable and Thedroidguy.com have gone unanswered as of now (it is Sunday night Thanksgiving weekend) If