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Grooveshark Pulled From Google Play…Again

As we reported last week, Grooveshark was making a come back on Google Play. Well, we lied. Sort of. After we saw Grooveshark make a come back on the Google Play Store just a few days ago, it’s just recently been pulled from Google Play and is currently unavailable for usage. While it’s not the

More Record Label Sharks Circling Around GrooveShark

Escape Media Group’s Groove Shark, a very popular mobile app for music sharing and discovery, was faced with a lawsuit from Universal Music Group last month. Today it’s been revealed that Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group are preparing to join the suit. Grooveshark isn’t an off the cuff piracy underground run by a

Is Universal Music About To Drown The Grooveshark?

Is the bottom about to fall out for Groove Shark? Grooveshark quickly became a favorite app for music lovers. Essentially you could stream any song your heart desired in good quality to your Android device. Google removed the app from the Android market howeverA, people are still using it today. Well those great folks at