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Steam Launches New Greenlight Service

Greenlight has just launched yesterday. It’s Valve’s voting platform for indie game submission on their Steam platform. They’ve finally flipped the switch to turn the new service on and eager developers are already throwing in their indie games for voting. There’s already been over 300 different submission to the Steam Greenlight service, so I’d say it’s pretty stable based off of that.

As an initiative by Valve to hopefully merge community interaction with Valve’s approval process for publishing a game on Steam, Greenlight will allow users to browse, comment, rate and track indie games under consideration through bios, screenshots and video collection. Several very noteworthy titles have already popped up on Greenlight like No More Room in Hell, Incredipepe and the Intruder.

It’ll be interested seeing players involved in Valve’s publishing process for games. It’s really cool that Valve was willing to do this. Greenlight creates an outlet for many lesser-known developers to promote their games while also giving the Steam community a chunk of regulatory power. What I like is that Valve has the final power as to what goes in and what gets thrown out. In that way, we won’t see the Steam platform flooded with crummy games trying to “make a name” for themselves. I can imagine that this will be especially helpful for those who have created some really cool games that aren’t very known and could potentially even help young developers.

Are you someone that’s trying to publish a game on Steam Greenlight or are you just going to be previewing and browsing some of the new submissions? It’ll be interesting to see some of the services first success stories along with the “horror” stories that people will claim to have. How do you feel about the Greenlight service integrated into Steam? Are you excited to be able to vote on games yourself? What about seeing an influx of Indie Games getting put on the Steam platform? I’m personally excited and can’t wait to see some of the stuff that developers have come up with. I also think it’s really cool that more known indie developers have an equal chance as the lesser known developers. Some widely known developers make crummy games and some lesser known developers make crummy games. Some widely known developers make good games and some less known developers makes good games. It seems like a pretty equal chance to me.

Any thoughts?

source: PC Gamer