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Gameloft Launches Thanksgiving Sale, Popular Titles Priced At $0.99

Gameloft makes a lot of good games, unfortunately they all don’t feel worth their standard $6.99 price tag. No worries about that though, customers will be able to save a lot of money on some of Gameloft’s most popular titles as the company is going to pricing a few of their games at $1. This is a great bargain, but I’d argue that I liked their 25-cent sale a while back much better! Regardless, most of their games are very well put together, and to purchase them for a mere dollar is a total steal!

The first title on sale is The Amazing Spiderman. This was a tie-in from the movie that launched back in the summer. Next up is The Adventures of Tintin, a game that was aimed at younger audiences, but was also a spin-off of the movie that released last year. Gangstar Rio is essentially Gameloft’s version of Grand Theft Auto, and BackStab is a really cool action-based game (you play as an Officer in England’s Royal Navy). Those are all the $0.99 games that you’ll find on Google Play. Gameloft has two more games on sale, which are available on the Amazon AppStore. Those games are the incredibly popular N.O.V.A 3 and N.O.V.A. If you have the Amazon AppStore on your device, I would highly suggest checking those out!

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more great titles go on sale from various developers as we get closer and closer to Cyber Monday (or even Black Friday tonight!).

Are any of you going to be picking up one of these games during the sale?

source: Talk Android

Fake Grand Theft Auto:Vice City App for Android Loads Boxer Malware

An unofficial Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Android game has been reported as malware. Available on a Russian third-party website from a China-based author called Vickie, the game requires users to install a fake Flash update.

According to GFI Labs, a website that specializes in exposing online security threats, the purported Flash update is in fact a variant of the Boxer SMS Trojan.

The website provides users with a Vice City icon on their smartphone once the supposed game is download. After installation, users receive a prompt that the game requires Flash Player, and proceeds to give a link. The link takes users to a fake Flash Player that asks for permission to access the user’s messages, network communication, personal information, storage, services that cost money, and phone calls. Essentially, the Boxer malware masquerading as the Flash Player sends premium-rate SMS messages from the user’s mobile device.

GFI Labs clarifies that Rockstar only has the original Max Payne game and versions of Grand Theft Auto 3 on Google Play. To date, it has not released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android devices. However, the official game, which is not a mobile application, may be purchased from Steam.

Apart from the fake Grand Theft Auto: Vice City app, GFI Labs found on the same download website a similar file called Z.O.N.A. Racing that comes with the Boxer malware, as well.

Instances like these are the main reason why gamers are often cautioned to stick with official download websites, such as Google Play. Moreover, it is imperative to read the previous comments written by other users as well as take note of the developer’s name and the permissions that the app requires.

GFI Labs notes that Grand Theft Auto is among the popular targets of those creating malware for mobile devices. It also points out that prompting users to download a fake Flash Player apart from the supposed game itself is a popular tactic to which many smartphone owners have fallen prey.

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Rockstar Bringing GTA III To Android December 15th

One of the most well known (and sometimes controversial) console game franchises is coming to Android. On December 15th, Rockstar Games is bringing their mega hit Grand Theft Auto III to Android for just $4.99

It’s hard to believe that the original Grand Theft Auto III is ten years old already.  Now to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary it’s going mobile.

When Rockstar originally announced it was bringing Grand Theft Auto III to mobile devices they said it would need a dual core processor to handle the intense graphics and gameplay to bring a familiar and feature rich experience to mobile players.  That would have meant that for the iOS crowd it would only come to the iPhone 4S. It’s now being reported that they’ve optimized the game for earlier iPhones and the original iPad.

On the Android side Grand Theft Auto III will be supported on the Motorola Atrix 4G, Droid X2, and Photon 4G. It will also see game play on the HTC Rezound, LG G2X,  and the Samsung Galaxy R.  We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Evo 3D to be supported as well but nothing official just yet.

source: Pocketnow