Leak details beastly new GPU expected to be onboard the Galaxy S8

Last week, it was rumored that #Samsung was looking to launch the #GalaxyS8 slightly early to negate the bad press that it received following the Galaxy Note 7 launch. A new report is now detailing some hardware aspects of this upcoming flagship, claiming that its new GPU will be designed specifically for VR content, which could,

Intel Introduces GPU That’s 40% More Efficient

Have you ever played any of those high-performance games on your mobile device? We’re talking about titles such as Dead Trigger 2, Shadowgun, or even Dead Space. You’ll notice that as soon as you play any of these games your smartphone runs out of battery faster. This is because the graphics core of your device

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide Processor

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Processor

There so many Smartphones in market nowadays. Each brand or Smartphone model comes with unique features that make them stand out. On the part of consumers, choosing among them can be quite hard. So, if you happened to be overwhelmed and confused as well with the influx of these devices, this guide and the others

AMD announces new FirePro APUs and GPUs

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), an American multinational semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California, requires no introduction. The Intel rival debuted its first ever APUs in its FirePro lineup of processors that is targeted towards entry level and mainstream desktop terminals. APU stands for accelerated processing unit and is basically a processing system that comprises of