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Uh Oh Sprint: FCC Demands More LightSquared GPS Testing

A few months back Sprint and Lightsquared announced a $9 billion dollar network hosting deal where Sprint would use Lightsquared’s LTE network to deliver 4G/LTE to their customers, in the same manner in which they use Clearwire’s WiMax service for their current 4G. One of the caveats in the deal was that LightSquared needed to

IFA 2011 News: Navigon Unveils Next Generation of Android Navigation Apps

Although all Android phones feature Google Maps and Navigation, there are some users out there that prefer third party navigation apps. Some of the third party navigation and mapping apps have more indepth features because these companies specialize in one thing, and that’s navigation.  Navigon is one of those companies, a trusted name in navigation.

OnMyWay: App Review

By Elijah K. Writer TDG Online Ok, you’re running late. We have all been there, and of course you’re flying down the road at record breaking speeds trying to get to your destination. It would be great if you could let people know that you’re late, and when you will be arriving without having to