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Samsung Galaxy Nexus GPS Bug After Jelly Bean Update Discovered

After the most recent update to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which gave the device Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the update seems to have been bugged with a few issues that concerns the GPS. May users are reporting this bug which basically makes the GPS functionality on the Galaxy Nexus useless and note usable whatsoever. Good news for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus users though! There is a way to fix this bug and squash it on your own while Samsung works on an update to fix this issue I would consider to be high priority.
Really the situation isn’t that bad. Sure the GPS is a feature people all over the world constantly use but since there is a temporary way to fix it, users should be satisfied for the moment. Before trying to flash your device and throw a ROM on it to try and fix the issue, it’s very possible to avoid that route. First what you’re going to have to do is make sure your Galaxy Nexus has been affected, other wise this is a useless attempt at “fixing what isn’t broken.” To do all that, your going to make sure you’re in a location where the GPS signal can be received. I’ve often found being out in rural areas it’s more difficult to get a GPS location, so going into town or something may make this process easier and hassle free.
Once you’re in a place where you can get a decent GPS signal, open up the Google Maps app that was stocked on your Google Nexus when you got the device. Make sure there isn’t an update for it needed first though! Open up the app and look to see if you can see a “Searching for GPS…” notification. If you get that notification and the blinking GPS icon is absent, you can confirm that your device has been affected by the update to Jelly Bean.
Now you¬† just need squash the pesky little bug. What you’re going to do now is go into Setting, then into Location Services and unmark the “Google’s Location Service” option and them mark it once again. This fix has been reported by the majority of users, so this should also work for you. If it does not however, Samsung should be releasing an update to fix this issue very soon as I would think it would be on their “High Priority” list of things to get done. It’s usually standard for them to release quick fixes anyway. There is always the option to flash your device and get a ROM going, but that’s pretty risky and if you happen to brick your phone due to impatience, that may not be a good thing.
This glitch has obviously probably caused many users some issues while others may not have been affected. If you’re one of the many people that was affected let us know in the comments. Also, we’d like to know if the fix actually worked with you or if your still having issues with it after the supposed fix. Again, let us know in the comments below!

source: Phone Arena