HTC One M8 GPE now getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Just as promised a few days ago, #HTC has now started sending out the #Android 6.0 update to the Google Play Edition #OneM8 smartphone. Being a GPE device, the handset is promised Nexus like software support and it’s good to see the company sticking to that promise. The One M8 GPE is one of the last known

Google Play Edition Galaxy S4

GPE Galaxy S4 finally getting the Android 5.1 update [Download Link]

#Samsung has finally wised up and decided to send out the Android 5.1 update for the Google Play Edition #GalaxyS4, which was released roughly two years ago. This smartphone features the same internals as the standard Galaxy S4, but with a stock version of Android. Given that it’s a Google product (kind of), it was expected


GPE HTC One M7 receiving Android 5.1 update

Although HTC has backed out of supporting the HTC One M7 after Android 5.0, but the Google Play Edition model of the handset is still on course to receive the latest updates. Users of the GPE HTC One M7 are now getting the Android 5.1 update, about over a month after Google rolled out the update to its Nexus

GPE Galaxy S4

GPE Samsung Galaxy S4 getting Android 5.1 update soon

With Google already sending out the Android 5.1 update for its Nexus handsets and tablets, GPE devices are not far along. One of the oldest Google Play Edition devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now revealed to be receiving the Android 5.1 update. This comes as most GPE devices are currently running Android 5.0, with


HTC One M8 GPE no longer available through the Play Store

The HTC One M8 GPE was the only lasting Google Play Edition smartphone available on Google’s online store. And as of today, the smartphone has been officially taken from the Play Store, which officially (or unofficially) marks the end of the Google Play Edition lineup. This was a gradual process with the likes of the

Galaxy S4 GPE

Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE no longer available in the Play Store

Google partnered with Samsung, HTC and later Sony to offer stock Android options of their top end handsets, calling this lineup the Google Play Edition devices. But as the days passed, we saw that OEMs weren’t all that interested in this concept. And today, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has officially exited the list, making the HTC

Google Play Edition Galaxy S5

Is Google working on a GPE Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0?

As we all know, Google hasn’t yet launched the GPE edition Samsung Galaxy S5 yet. And it seems like the day might not be far away if a new image posted on its Android homepage is anything to go by. The image shows all of Google’s stock Android running devices, like the range of Nexus devices

GPE GS4 - One M7 - Android 4.4.3

Google Play Edition HTC One (M7) and Samsung Galaxy S4 getting Android 4.4.3

The Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One (M7) are now getting the Android 4.4.3 update. This is no surprise considering that Nexus devices started getting the update yesterday. The rollout might take a few days to complete, so maintain patience if you don’t see the OTA notification immediately. One of the main advantages of getting a GPE

HTC Gallery App - HTC One

HTC inadvertently confirms the existence of a GPE 2014 HTC One

The 2014 HTC One is barely hours away from an official announcement and the company has already confirmed the existence of a Google Play Edition variant. The information was given away by the app description of HTC’s new Gallery app on the Play Store, which was launched along with a few other Sense 6.0 specific