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AT&T Has Already Spent 7 Million Dollars Lobbying For T-Mobile

Last year, in total AT&T Mobility spent $15 million dollars total. This year they’ve already spent 7 million in the first part of the year in support of their proposed buyout of T-Mobile. To date Sprint, Cellular South, Leap Wireless and now MetroPCS have gone on record with the FCC and the government against AT&T’s

State Department Working on Panic Button App

Imagine a single red button on your phone that could wipe you address book, and send out an alert to others in the event of a crisis. An app like this has yet to be developed, at least to our knowledge, but it seems that the State Department is working  on such a button. According

US Government Looking into Sprint-Nextel partnerhip with Huawei

Washington DC- A group of Republican Senators is concerned and asking the Obama Administration to take notice of the partnership between Sprint-Nextel and Huawei.  Huawei is known in the Android community as a purveyor of smartphones and tablet devices running the Android platform. However The Droid Guy has found out through analyst sources that the