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T-Mobile’s GoSmart MVNO Joins The More Data Train

T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile MVNO may not be as well known as Boost Mobile or Virgin, but it is a very good deal right now. Just like with Sprint’s Boost Mobile from a few days earlier this week, they’re also increasing their data allotments as such: $25 per month for unlimited calls, texts, and Facebook (no other web

Free Facebook: A smart way for carriers to promote data usage

A big chunk of mobile usage today involves instant messaging or chat, as well as social networking. On average, users spend 65 percent of their social networking on mobile devices, according to ComScore. Facebook itself says that 78 percent of its users access the social network on mobile devices. This makes sense. After all, social

T-Mobile To Launch GoSmart Prepaid MVNO This February

T-Mobile is reportedly set to launch their prepaid MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) “GoSmart” next month. This service was announced by the company last December and although is completely owned by them will not carry the branding of T-Mobile. Instead, it will be marketed as GoSmart. There are three plans initially available which consumers can

T-Mobile’s New ‘GoSmart’ Plan Being Tested In A Few Markets

T-Mobile has been in the headlines just about everywhere you like, and rightly so. They’ve had a lot of great announcements, promotional material and etc. This topic seems to fit right in with what we’ve been hearing this past week as well. The company announced that they would be removing subsidized pricing from their handsets starting